Monday, September 27, 2010

Look what I got for Free!

It's rare to get anything for free now a days, but look what I got at the grocery store today for absolutely free! Well, I did have to buy 4 Philadelphia cream cheese products, but I was buying them anyway(think pumpkin baked goods, mmmmm!). They had a little cardboard stand by the cream cheeses and you could get a cookbook for buying their product. And this isn't just a little cheap magazine cookbook, this is an awesome book of 160 pages of appetizers, entree's , side dishes, and desserts. A picture for each recipe and put together very well, looks like a Martha Stewart book or something. I can't tell you how thrilled I am with this freebie. So RUN to your supermarket and get one while they last, there were only a few left at my store.

And a few pics of the inside....

Oh, and because I couldn't fix the problem with the other apron, I made Sue a second apron this morning. This one is just a simple sturdy half apron that she can actually use and wear. I figured she could hang the other one up for display. I finally got her package out this morning with a few other goodies in it too.
Thank you all for the birthday wishes, I had a lovely weekend :)
I'm enjoying the gloomy, rainy fall day, makes me want to be cozy in the house.


Saturday, September 25, 2010

Guess Who's 29 !!! (again)

Ok, so I'm not really 29 today, that would be kind of weird considering I have a 16(almost 17) yr old son. But 37 is just sounding so old. I don't really feel old, at least not mentally, definitely feeling it physically sometimes, but I think from now on, I will just stay 29. My grandmother(mom's mom) stayed 29 for almost 60 years!!! She had 9 children, close to 30 grandchildren, and I don't even know how many great and geat great grandchildren. So why can't I? right.

I thought I would take you down memory lane. Sorry about the pics, I just took pics of the pics and didn't fix them or anything, but you can get the general idea of "me" in each one.

Here I am at about 8 months old. I think this was either taken in Kansas(where I was born, and it was during a tornado(no joke, they evacuated the hospital twice)) or we had just moved to California.
I was about 18 months in this pic, sitting on my mom's lap with my 2 sisters standing behind.
Here I am with my grandpa at about 3 yrs old. I think this was in Wisconsin.
Ah, the picture me and my sisters hated. We did a family portrait at one of those dress up places in the mall. My mom wanted it to look old like the clothing so she told us not to smile.(I'm on the right in the dark dress. About 12 yrs old)
My 15th birthday. Look at those skinny legs, I can't believe I used to think I was so fat at that age.

Homecoming dance... 15 or 16 here. I had put my hair in curlers and ended up with poodle poof.
Senior year of high school, 17 yrs old. Look at that high hair!!!
And last but not least. The first "professional" pic of hubby and I, done at Sears :) I was 18, and again with that hair, what was I thinking!!??
So there you go, me through the years.

The day has started off very nicely. Hubby and kids woke me up with gifts(got my deluxe Scrabble board!). Then hubby got me yummy donuts from a local place. I will probably do some yard work later today, after soccer games are over, and hopefully someone else will be making dinner tonight!

Have a great day,


Thursday, September 23, 2010

Apples, Yum!!!

Yesterday I decided to bake some little apple popovers as an after school snack for my munchkins. I turned on some accent lights around the house and the air was filled with the lovely smell of baking apples and cinnamon. When my 9 yr old son walked in the door, he looked around and walked from room to room. He then very sincerely said " I really like the Fall decorating you did, the house feels so cozy". My mouth dropped and then smiled. I was shocked that he noticed such a small details as the lights, but was so happy that he noticed and that my efforts for a nice home for my munchkins doesn't go unappreciated. And the best part was, I didn't do one stitch of fall decorating!!! All I did was turn on small little lights around the house that cast a warm glow. But obviously, that was enough. I did put some fall things outside, but have decided not to drag up my 10 boxes of fall decor from the basement this year. It's a lot of work, and with a new baby and still trying to revamp the house, I just don't have the time or energy. And what a treat it will be next year to see all my decor that was tucked away this year.

Now, on to the very easy apple popover recipe(my own creation, though I'm sure many of you have your own version).

1 can of refrigerated flaky biscuits
2 large apple(your choice what kind, I used cortland)
1/2 C of brown sugar(you could use white)
dash of cinnamon
dash of nutmeg
pinch of salt
couple tablespoons of butter

Using non stick muffin tins, divide the 8 biscuits in half(they are the flaky ones so they separate easily) and place the now 16 biscuits in the tins. Gently form them to a cup like shape but don't press them in. Peel the two apples and cut them into small chunks(1/2" or so). Place apples chunks in bowl, add sugar, cinnamon, nutmeg,and salt. Mix well and then spoon into the center of biscuits. Add a small pat of butter to the top of each one. Bake at 375 until golden brown. Remove from pan right away and let cool on rack(it's just easier to remove them while they are still hot, because when they cool the sugar can stick). Super easy and a yummy treat with very few ingredients.

And this morning I made two apples pies for dessert tonight. I bought some heavy cream to make fresh whipped cream too.
And look who is officially crawling in the last couple of days! My baby is growing up way too fast.

Have a splendid Fall Day,


Monday, September 20, 2010

Fall Apron

I've been busy cleaning out and oranizing closets, which has been keeping me very busy. And I have also been working on this apron. Did any of you participate in Sue's Fall Apron Swap over at Country Pleasures ? I signed up and was pleasantly paired up with Sue herself. She requested a Fall theme apron instead of a Halloween theme(which was an option). Here is what I came up with, and yes, I got picture happy :) And Sue, if you want to be surprised, close your browser now and don't look any further!!!!

The bib part was done from a pattern of a paper piece quilt that I did a couple years back and I thought it would look neat as an apron.
Here is a closeup, the vining is hand stitched with french knots for the berries.
The bottom of the apron is a patchwork of 28 different fabrics(I think that is what I counted).
And I backed the whole thing in a very Fall acorn print.
I have two problems though, I totally forgot to add a pocket. Do you think it needs one? And I don't like the way the bib puckers when it is put on. I may have to take the straps off the top and rework it.
Oh, and isn't this a sweet little knitted bonnet? I bought it for Mason from Tonya at Plain and Joyful Living. I love the simple old fashion look of it and the buttery yellow is just perfect. I can't wait for it to get a bit cooler for him to wear it. And No, I couldn't make it myself, I know how to crochet, but not knit.
Have a terrific day,


Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Mornings goodies...

My good friend and I went to a local orchard this morning to pick blueberries. The season is running two weeks early, so the bushes are slim pickings but I still managed to get close to 5lbs worth. I forgot my camera, but she snapped these with her phone.

My 4 yr old had a blast picking(and eating) the blueberries. And he was very diligent about only picking the ripe ones. At one point he told me that I could "go take a rest" because he had found a spot with so many that he could pick for the both of us.
We then got 2 bushels worth of apples, which will soon be turned into apple pie fillings and loaded into the freezer chest.

We hope to go back on Friday and pick more(there were still quite a few that needed ripening) and head over to another spot for raspberries.

Anyone have any good recipes for blueberry treats that can be frozen?

Have a great day,


Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Making of a doll...

September 2nd was my parent's wedding anniversary, so I decided to make my mom a doll. She has just recently gotten into collecting prim dolls but hates to pay the high price tag that the ones in her area have. She likes them slightly prim but not grungy or scary;)

I started off by making an osnaburg body, note to self(not a good fabric choice, as the seams come apart and fray as you stuff, just stick with muslin). So after battling the seams and hand sewing her back together, I stuffed her with wool fiber.

Then came color choices. I thought maybe she would be a pumpkin girl, but I was out of orange paint, so I blended and experimented, but didn't like it, so she became chocolate colored :)
Made her a dress and bloomers...
Painted a face, yes, I cheated, I didn't feel like stitching one.
Finished face.
Then I painted some wool fiber black for her hair, made a little stitchery for her to hold(it says "Faith, Love, Family"), and put a crocheted doily around her as a collar. I think she came out pretty cute and just the right level of prim for my mom. My son delivered her this weekend and my mom absolutely adores her. Though, my mom thinks dolls should all come with a name. So I need to come up with one and then send her a little hang tag with the name on it. Anyone have any suggestions for a name?
Have a beautiful day,


Monday, September 6, 2010

Old Sturbridge Village...

So what do you do when you have a mile long chore and project list? ......

You get the Heck out of Dodge!!!! No seriously, you do. I'll back track for you. My oldest son was scheduled to be at a cheering competition at Kings Island in Ohio. We bought him a plane ticket and he was staying with my parents. Last minute(Friday) half the team drops out and cancels. Way to go with team commitment (but that is another story). We had already bought the ticket, so he arranged with another girl who had also bought a ticket to have her get on his flight and they would fly out together. Then both stay at my parent's house and then spend Sunday at the amusement park. With her parents then meeting her there and my son would go home with my parents and fly home Monday. I of course had objected to to this whole trip from the get go months ago, but flying and staying with my parents was the best compromise. Anyway, feeling a bit odd and shall we say, nervous, about having my "baby" gone a thousand miles away for the first time, and realizing that none of my family was up to the chore list I had planned(we still have to finish my daughter's room, clean my sewing room, do yardwork, etc), I through caution to the wind on Saturday afternoon(1pm to be exact) and said "let's go to Sturbridge village".

I had never been there but had always wanted to go. So I called JellyStone, they had plenty of spots open, packed up the camper, and we were on the road by 5:30pm. It's about a 3 hour drive, so by the time we got there, we just had enough time to check in, hook the camper up, get a quick bite to eat at McDonalds, and go to bed. Next morning we got up and headed to Old Sturbridge Village. We at a fantastic brunch at their restaurant(not the one in the village, but just outside of it but still on the grounds). And to top off a great meal, we found out when the check came that the kids ate free! You just had to pay for 13 and up! We then went to the village. And I will warn, you this is a very picture heavy post.....

The pics aren't really in order, so I'll try to explain as I go. This first one is looking down the main commons area.
Some costumes in one of the buildings...
Quilt displayed in a stairwell...
Room set up for spinning...
More period dress...
One of the houses, which housed the above pics...
The Cooper shop, they made barrels, buckets, and milk churns...
Loved this red farm house... The Freeman house
Inside the barn of the red house
Sheep at the house...
I love the floppy ears of this pig, he looks so prim. I think I want to make a stuffed one of him(with out the stink)....
Inside the red house. They had racks by the fireplace to try things. The string you see happens to be squash.
Young girl getting read to work. The front of her apron was full of ash.
Inside the saw mill. It really cuts wood and they showed us how.
Saw mill men. They also put on a demo at the gristmill.
One of the workers in the pottery shed throwing a cup. He was new to this craft, so none of his work was in the store yet.
Two men squaring a log for a barn beam. My boys saved some of the fresh wood chips as sourveniers .
Men working on something in the towne barn.
Big house in town, called the Towne house...
Inside the front foyer. The wall paper was not my style. But apparantly they used quite a bit of it in the 1830's and it was all historically correct.
One of the parlors. Again, not quite my style.
One of the bed chambers. Love the baby bed with canopy.
Notice the painting on the walls. Most of the upstairs walls were freehand painted with woodland scenes.
Quilt on rack to be quilted in another bed chamber.
I liked the colors of this bedroom best, browns and blues.
Hubby and the kids took a stage coach ride. I stayed back with Mason.
This woman asked my boys to help her get water for the horses while they waited for the coach. They were more than happy to help.
My 4 yr old pumping water.
The horses getting their drink.
While they road, Mason ate his first apple. I bit the skin off half of it and then he gummed it and sucked on it. He loved it and was upset when it eventually fell to the ground. Look at that intense face and those huge baby hands, he's going to be a big boy.
One building contained over a dozen historic samplers. I took pics of most of them, but just too many to share on here.
This was the general store and the back room was my favorite(these three pics below). It was all wood and crock items and I just loved the browness of it.

Here is the front of the store...
Lots of fabrics and shoes.
The meeting house with candle chandelier..
Just an outdoor pic.
This was inside the "small house". The only building there that was reproduced and not authentic, but they did a good job of aging it. Again with the wall paper. I asked, and it was time appropriate.
Women dying wool...
Long shot of the wool area...
Goofy pic of kids...
My munchkins playing with a hoop and stick.
And playing flying hoops, this was their favorite game and we had to stop again on the way out and play it.
This is a far shot of the small house as we were heading out. We spent the whole day there and I don't think really saw it all. It was a perfect day though, the weather was gorgeous and the kids really seemed to enjoy it. I have a lot more pics and there were a lot more buildings than what I showed you. Including a store that you could buy stuff in, but it was packed and we walked in and out. I ended up going to the museum store by the entrance that was less crowded. Guess what, they sold Old Sturbridge Village fabric and dresses all ready made. The fabric was lovely and I would have bought some, but I couldn't spend $10.99 a yard when I just got their fabric for $2.99 at Marden's !!!! I can't wait to go back to Marden's and see what prints they get in next:)

All in all, I liked OSV, but I was expecting to see more antiques, especially after reading the history of how the place came about it. I think the best thing about the whole place was how my kids came out thinking. They want me to make them old clothes and my youngest daughter said she would love to work at a living museum. They really enjoyed it and I can't wait to get started on some period clothing for us all. Maybe I can get the whole family into reenacting!!!!!

Back at the camper, hubby made a fire and we roasted hot dogs and then smores. I stayed inside with the baby and read my new book.(the beginning about her childhood is a shocking )

Mason was a happy little camper as long as mommy stayed close by.
We left Jelly stone at 9 this morning as we had to be home in time to pick up my 16yr old at the airport. I would have loved to spend another day or two and explored the town of Sturbridge and go to the shops, but that can be another adventure.

So that is how we spent our Labor Day Weekend. Very spontaneous for us. And although we got nothing accomplished around the house, we DID make some very nice family memories.

Have a lovely, lovely, week,