Monday, January 23, 2012

Revisiting Fall...

I'm sitting here today with a bad backache from shoveling a ton of snow on Friday and falling on the ice while doing it. The only thing that seems to relieve some of the pain is a heating pad my youngest daughter made me(she sewed a two pieces of fleece together and stuffed with rice, pop in the microwave for a minute and it lasts for at least an hour). So I've been looking through old pictures that my dear hubby transferred from my old lap top to my new one(thank you dear!) and came across this past Fall's decor. I realized I never shared it on here so I thought why not do that today :)

I was inspired by a photo on pinterest for my wheelbarrow display... I think it came out pretty nice...

Here is a shot of the front porch. I made Martha's paper silhouette mice into weatherproof wood ones for outside...
The other front door..
And I was inspired by another blogger, Misi over at 1890 gablehouse musings. She had a witch and crow silhouettes by a white out building(her store I think) and I just fell in love with the crows. So I drafted my own and cut them out of plywood and spray painted them black. I just perched them on the fence but you could put them on sticks too so they stick in the ground.

Here is Mason enjoying an apple after a day of apple picking. I found the old wall paper ladder this past summer at a yard sale for $5. The pumpkins on it were grown by my youngest daughter.
And here are two dolls that I made for a doll swap this past fall.
I hope you enjoyed revisiting Fall :)

Have a fantastic day,



  1. Oh my goodness! I am so glad that you shared these pics with us. I sooo love fall and could view pics anytime. Everything in every picture is just awesome. The mice, crows, pumpkins, adorable children...well you get the point. Hope you don't overwork yourself too bad with all of that snow. I sure don't miss the shoveling. But I sure remember lots of snowy and icy days the winter before we moved here to Cali. Have a blessed week ~Sara

  2. Oh Tiff,
    Love everything.
    Those Misi inspired crows are awesome.

  3. Your fall decor looks so pretty! I love fall

  4. Your porch is beautiful..I love how you did the mice..I may have to do this for next fall..Love your blog..

  5. Your porch is gorgeous. I love the crows on the fence. I hope your back gets better.


  6. OMG....I just love all your Fall decor! What a perfectly decorated wheelbarrow.Love it! The mice and the crows too. Your dolls are beautiful. I am so jealous of your crafting and sewing skills!

  7. Beautiful porch. It's fun revisiting my favorite season. -Steph-

  8. Where did you find the wheelbarrow


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