Thursday, July 22, 2010

Interesting Evening...

The last week or so has been a flurry of work. We had our yardsale, went to a wedding(that my youngest daughter was in, and was lovely, I'll post pics of it later), and have been getting ready for our vacation. I made two new skirts for myself for the trip which came out better than expected. I copied them from a skirt that I already own and they were so easy to make, I'll share them later.

Admist all this, we had a horrible storm role through last night. We got over 3" of rain in a matter of hours, high winds, the most lightening and thunder I have ever seen from one storm in my entire life(no joke), and tornadoes(which is super rare for around here). It started with rain and an ominous sky, then my daughter saw our neighbor across the street taking pictures from his front door. I thought it was odd, I looked out our back windows to see what he was looking at. I couldn't see what he saw, I just saw what I thought were 2 funnel clouds towards town. I told hubby and the kids we need to get to the basement. The kids listened but hubby didn't. I don't think he really believed me. He kept by the windows looking at the storm. The clouds kept converging on each other from different directions, things we had never seen before, it was fascinating and frightening to watch. The power then went out. The rain kept coming in varying stages of intensity. One of the basement windows was open and the kids said they heard trees falling(which ended up being true). After 3 and half hours it was mostly over and the power was back on(I must say that CMP crews are good). My oldest son was at cheering during this and by the time he got his ride home, he said that they had to keep finding new ways to get here because the giant old trees that line the main road that our street was off of were fallen on the road. He said that the roots balls were the height of 2 cars. And many streets had power lines laying on them.

We are all safe, and I haven't hear any reports of injuries, but a barn did collapse at a local dairy farm, they got most of the mamma cows and babies out, but I think they lost one pair.

Now, here are the pics that my neighbor took(I stole them off his facebook page, he won't mind). Like I said, I didn't see this or how close this one was, I just saw two off in the distance. And I think if hubby would have seen this, he wouldn't have stayed upstairs looking out the windows!!

Never a dull moment around here.

Have a safe weekend everyone,


Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Teacher gifts...

It's good to be back, though I do feel overwhelmed with all I need to catch up on in blogland. I haven't checked out my blog friends in so long, I feel like I'm out of touch with the world ;p

But I'll take baby steps and start with tiny posts of things I need to share on my own blog. Here are two teacher gifts I made for the end of the school year....

The first was for my youngest daughter's 6th grade teacher. I normally stop with gifts at elementary school, because by middle and high school, they just have too many teachers for me to give to them all. But my daughter was especially fond of this teacher, so we made her a quilted name banner to hang in her room. I guess she really liked it because she took it around to all the other teacher's rooms to show it off, with my daughter in tow. She told her it was the best thing she had received in her 22 years of teaching :) You can't really tell in the pic, but it was quite large, close to 4feet long.

And then I made this small lap/car quilt for another favorite teacher. She taught my 3rd grader this year and she had my 2 daughter's before him(she actually asks for my kids to be in her class, which they really aren't supposed to do, shhhh!)

Right now I'm in the process of drawing patterns for a special gift for a soon to be 4yr old girl who's party is on Saturday. My 2nd youngest son is invited to her party. I'll share the finished gift in another post. Crossing my fingers that it comes out as cute as it is in my head!

Have a lovely day,


Ps, I've tried to reply to comments via email, but I don't think it goes through. Does blogger not work like typepad?

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Happy 4th of July....

HAPPY 4th of JULY !!!

Hello everyone! Yes, I know it's been quite awhile, and I do apologize. We are all fine here and I thank you all for the comments and emails of concern. Things have just been busy... it started with the wrapping up of the school year, teacher gifts(which I will share in another post), field days, concerts, etc. Then trying to clear out the house for a major yard sale(which I'm still clearing out) that will be on July 16th and 17th(let me know if you want directions). Doing yard work, making presents for a friend's daughter's wedding(you will see in a later post), rearranging rooms yet again(yes, I know, I'm crazy). And most of my time is spent with my sweet baby who has acquired "mommyitis". I know I am biased, but he is the happiest baby I have ever seen and oh so cute. He can now roll himself across the floor and is beginning to tuck his legs under his bum when he's on his tummy, so I know crawling isn't too far off. Oh, and yet another reason for my absence is that we switched internet providers and it has been uber slow and loading pics is a nightmare.

But here I am, and I'm wishing you all a glorious 4th of July!!! It's also my son's 7th birthday. He came into this world with a bang, that almost took both our lives, and he still is a little firecracker.

We spent the day at a state park beach, it was hot, but the water was cold and refreshing. We then came home and grilled, and in a few minutes we will be heading out to watch the fireworks.

Here are some pics of the day...

The Birthday Boy!!!
We couldn't do beach excursions without our beach tent. It keeps Mason out of the sun and lets him have a place to hang out in his swing.

And just a quick shot after we got home and showered, he was enjoying some tummy time.
And last, these 3 little babies were discovered yesterday under our deck. We can watch them from the french doors in the daylight basement.
I'll try to be better about posting now that things are a bit settled down around here and hopefully the internet will cooperate.

With Love,