Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Under the weather...

It started last Thursday, with my 2nd grader throwing up about 10 times in the early morning hours(actually, all night long). I kept him home from school. He seemed better by Saturday. I worked out in the yard for 8 hours straight on Saturday, transplanting and dividing plants, putting the garden to bed, trimming, and general cleaning. Just took little breaks to nurse Mason. At about 8:30 Saturday night, it hit me. Severe nausea. I was up all night feeling absolutely miserable and incredibly sick. But I couldn't throw up. I spent Sunday in bed. Started feeling less nauseous but then I had stomach cramps. Sunday night, it hit hubby, my 4th grader, and my 12th grader. They did throw up, which they said helped a bit. I kept them all home on Monday(and for my hubby to miss work, he had to be really sick) and carted the well ones to school and did the bulletin board at the elementary school(I'm in charge of it). I wasn't feeling too bad yesterday, but then at around 7 last night, Mastitis struck. If you have ever had it, you know my pain. Now I'm suffering from extreme chills, weakness, and a very painful breast. I've been doing hot compresses, taking advil, and making Mason nurse as much as I can on it. But I feel like I got hit by a Semi truck.

So, needless to say, I'm taking a bit of a blogging break. But will be back with lots of pics to share. And I still need to return some emails(Tammy and Sue), I didn't forget about you.

Have a healthy week,