Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Car Seat Canopy and Diaper Bag...

I'm slowly checking things off my "to do" list, still lots on the list, but it is getting shorter!

Two of the sewing projects were completed over the last two days, the first is a car seat canopy....

I'm not a pattern follower for the most part, so I just made up my own.  This was a super easy and quick thing to make. Would make a wonderful baby present if you know someone expecting.

I used my handy dandy snap machine for the two parts that attach to the car seat, I really really like that thing. It's so easy to use and just gives a more finished look to projects.

I used flannel for the lining, to give a bit of warmth and more rain protection.

The 2nd project was a matching diaper bag, which I will use as Asher's hospital bag.  Again, I just winged it and made up my own pattern as I went along.  It's more of a messenger style bag than a traditional diaper bag.

I kept it simple, just one big pocket in the inside.

My next project is a blanket for him, it will match his going home outfit :)

Have a lovely day,


Monday, June 29, 2015

Mt. Major, Alton Bay, NH...

On Saturday we decided to head over to New Hampshire and do a little hiking.  We chose Mt. Major in Alton Bay.  From the description online, it seemed like a pretty easy hike, only 1,100 feet in elevation and a little over 3 miles round trip.  Definitely no Mt. Washington, but more challenging than Bradbury Mountain(a local one we did last year with the kids).

It was a perfect day, sunny skies and a high of around 72.

We soon realized after getting to the first vantage point, that this was not a leisurely hike. There were some steep rocky climbing points and you could definitely feel the elevation gain.  We took the blue trail up and the orange trail down.

The the views we becoming worth the effort...

The kids did great and Jenny loved it!

The lake in view is Lake Winnipesaukee...

Mason tripped more than once during the whole thing and ended up with a pretty scratched up leg, but he still had fun.

I usually do not wear just a tank top in public, but fairly early in the hike I had strip off my outer shirt because I was overheating.  I will admit, at 33 weeks pregnant, this was a challenging hike..... I had to take it slow and I felt like a turtle at the end of the group, but it was fun and I look forward to doing another one next Saturday.

My dreams of hiking Mt. Washington again before Asher arrives, are just that... dreams. I concede, I am just too pregnant to do that big of a hike :)

Sunday I worked on a baby project and I have another one on my sewing table right now... lots to get done!


Thursday, June 25, 2015

Happy Leon Day!!

What's Leon Day you ask?  It's June 25th, the halfway mark til Christmas!!! and Leon is Noel spelled backwards.  I actually had no idea that today had a name until I heard about it from the lovely people at Patience Brewster.  

 I know, who is thinking of Christmas in June?!  But, why not?  We should keep the spirit of Christ alive in our thoughts and hearts all year long :)  
Giving is part of that, the giving of yourself to others... whether it be through your gift of time, talent, compassion, art, or thoughtfulness.  

For me, I love to give handmade gifts, so now is a perfect time to get started on some. I always say I'm not going to wait until the last minute, and some years I am good, but I will admit, most years I'm a procrastinator!   This year,  I am going to try to make at least one gift a week from this week on(with a break in August for obvious reasons!)

If you can't or don't have the time to make something yourself, but still want a creative and special gift, check out these Ornaments(hand made and painted) from Patience Brewster, and to learn more about the artist, visit her Blog.  She offers lots of lovely gifts from stationary to jewelry, all in her own whimsical style :)

So what about you?  Are you making Christmas presents yet?  Are you shopping for them already and stashing them away?  Are you dreaming of decorations?

Here are some things to get you started...  It's garage sale season, so be on the look out for vintage ornaments...  Make them into Wreaths!

Check out my Christmas Pinterest Board and Church Fair Idea Board for lots more Christmas crafts....

Need some inspiration to crochet a gift?  Lots of projects Here!

Want to make a quilt for a gift?  I've Pinned some fabulous ones... here

Lots of everyday gifts can be found here

A baby in your life?  Check out Here

Thinking about planning a Gingerbread House Party(mine as been great fun for 3 years running now!), check out some inspiration Here

I hope this has inspired you a bit, and put a spark of giving spirit in your heart to go out and create!

I'm off to my craft room now :)

Have a lovely day!


Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Baby Update, 32weeks 3days....

We had our 32 week 3 day checkup today :)   All is well and going smoothly.  

Asher stats:
* Weight 4lbs 10oz
*heart rate 143
*Practicing his "breathing" techniques
*Likes to hold his hand by his face(every single U/S so far!)

Mommy stats:
*Weight, ya, we won't go there!
*BP 102/60
*Got the Tdap vaccine
*Discussed having a "gentle" csection

Now for the good stuff... pics of Asher!!

We got our first ever look at him in 3D, in fact this is the only baby of ours that I have seen in a 3D u/ was so neat.  We could see him open and close his mouth and he even seemed to give a grimace and then smile.  It isn't the best facial shot, because the uterine wall is on the right side and his hand is blocking the other part of his face on the left. But you can clearly see his nose and lips!  Ya, his nose looks pretty big, LOL!

And here is the print out version..

And we finally got a decent regular U/S profile pic... his arm is still by his face, but you can't see it from this angle.  I can't wait to hold him in August!!!

And here is my obligatory selfie :)

Have a lovely day!,


Friday, June 19, 2015

Bench, Shower, Bulletin Board, and Mason...

The kids last day of school was today!! YAY!!!  We are on our own schedule now, which I love :)  

The first project of summer was made just minutes ago... a new bench for the new kitchen table(which was made last month and I will show you soon). I had bought an old spindle bed a few weeks ago at my neighbors yardsale and was planning on using it in a bedroom, but I didn't have a mattress for it, and I think it was a 3/4 bed instead of a full anyway.  So I decided to make it into something I can see and enjoy everyday.  It took my daughter, Becca, and I about 1/2 an hour to make and we used all wood I had around the house.  I used the footboard as the back and will save the headboard for another project.  It just needs a fresh coat of white paint and it will be good to go!

Earlier this week I was surprised with my 2nd baby shower!!!  The bus stop moms through Asher and me a lovely shower with lots of yummy food and sweet gifts....he is all set for clothes and books:)

The teddy bear cake from totally vegan, which I never would have guessed. I would have sworn it was cream cheese frosting on it... totally delicious!!

And this was the last bulletin board of the school year.  I did an underwater scene and had all the kids of the school write on fish, crabs, shells, and starfish, their favorite memory of the school year.  You can't see him anymore, but I made the mascot dog into a scuba diver and it came out pretty cute.

And last but not least.... Mason :)  We were at Target and I got his picture with their dog, he thought it was pretty silly.
Have a great weekend and Happy Father's day to all the dads out there!!


Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Scrappy Log Cabin Quilt...

I finished up my latest quilt this morning... an "uneven scrappy log cabin" quilt.  I used all fabrics from my stash and tried to keep it light, bright, and vintagy:)   I made this for our elementary school principal who is retiring.

It came out a nice size, not too big or too small, just right to use on a picnic or snuggle up on the couch with.  There are twenty 12" blocks in total and I chose not to put a border on it.

The back is made from a vintage sheet that I have been hanging on too for awhile(luckily I still have more of it to make something else, I love the summer feel of it).

I kept the quilting to a minimum, just went verticle, horizontal, and criss cross.  The blocks are all random in fabric(including the strip sizes), the only thing I kept consistant were the traditional red center squares.
I'm really pleased with how it turned out and if it weren't already a gift for someone special I would want to keep it for myself :)

Have a lovely day!,