Friday, May 22, 2015

Outside Spring 2015....

I will admit... I'm not a gardener.  I try, I really do. I know how I want things to look and I dream of having beautiful English gardens and lush green grass...but I just never seem to get there.  But I keep plugging along, and maybe one day, after much trial and error, my yard will look how I envision it :)

I thought today I would share pictures of outside that I took the other day, and every few weeks I'll take more and then I can see how things change....might give me some encouragement.
Here is the front porch... brought back the white wicker this year from the back deck and added a splash of color with the cushions.

Everyone else's lilac bushes are in full bloom right now, but mine is always a week or two behind, I'm assuming it is because it is in a mostly shaded spot.

We put the picket fence back up last fall, just in a straight line across the front of the house, and I really like it.  Along the front of the fence are a row of buried pots tha have yellow wax beans in them and I'm hoping they will grow up on the fence. I didn't do a vegetable garden this year, but I at least wanted to have some beans and we really like this variety.

My lovely cement cow that hubby got for me last year. She is in a new spot this year which is just perfect because I can see her right when we pull in the driveway.

On the other side of the walkway...

My cement bunnies... I need to find a bunch more babies!

Front of the house...  yes, the grass is patchy. It really needs more loam.

My lilly of the valley is slowly multiplying :)

The elementary school where I volunteer at dropped off this lovely rose plant for me! After I took this picture I moved it to a different spot and planted it, I just hope it survives.

Along the far side of the fence, not much going on... but I have two big tubs of strawberries that came back from last year, that was a very pleasant surprise!

This is a spot  in the side yard... it had a small crab apple tree in it, but the tree died :(  I was going to let it just go back to grass but then I decided to plant 7 different cut flower seeds that I had in it. It will be my first cut flower garden.  We are currently working on a wattle fence to go around it.

And this area is beside the garage... it was where we parked the camper, but now that the camper is sold, I need to do something with it.  I will be working on it all summer. So far, it has two elephant ear hostas and I'm going to plant a couple rhubarb plants.  And I already got a big petunia plant for the wood chair on the right. This area is definitely a work in progress, well... the whole yard is!!

I'm hoping the morning glories I planted come up and the clematis I planted by the mailbox thrives... I guess we will see what happens in a few weeks!

Have a lovely long weekend!


Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Happy Birthday Zach!!

So I'm a bit behind in my blogging, but better late than never!

My second youngest turned 9 years old last Friday, the 15th :)  Zach is my sensitive child. He is sweet and kind, never holds a grudge, and for the most part...gets along with his brothers;)  The poor little guy is suffering from seasonal allergies this year though(after a long hard winter, the trees are really putting out the pollen) and you can see it in his eyes.

He's not a fan of smiling with his teeth showing lately,  he has lost three of them in the last month!

He requested homemade lasagna for his birthday dinner and an icecream sandwhich cake for dessert.

Those allergies were really getting to him in this picture, his eyes were itching and watering like mad!

We then went to the movies and saw The Avengers and he recieved the google play card and big lego set he wanted :)

Happy Birthday Zach!!! We love you very much :)

Mommy and Daddy XOXOXOXOXO

Thursday, May 14, 2015

Kiss to Heaven...

Happy 7th Angel Birthday Nathan, you are forever loved.

And yet another reminder of how Blessed I am, dear sweet hubby gave me this necklace this morning in rememberance of Nathan... "A Mother Holds Her Child's Heart Forever" with a heart birthstone.  I love it and I love him for being so sweet and thoughtful.

Sending a Kiss to Heaven for you Nathan, I love you.


Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Memorable Mother's Day...

Happy belated Mother's Day my dear friends!  I hope you all had a lovely day.  I know I said I was going to post about our trip to Ohio, but the past week or so has been crazy busy. Teacher appreciation week was this past week and it kept me very occupied and wore me completely out.  Which probably contributed to my problems on Mother's day.
So, I went to bed on Saturday, after a day of all of us working in the yard and setting up the deck for summer, very tired.... all night long I was awakend by horrible waves of nausea and shortness of breath.  By morning, it was getting worse. Hubby made me call the Dr and we headed in to labor and delivery to get checked out... not a great way to start off Mother's day.  The symptoms seemed to subside while we were at the hospital(of course!) and it was definitely determined it was not preterm labor(Thank God). A bunch of tests later and we were sent home.  While we were gone, the kids had picked up the house, started putting down the new mulch in the flower beds(which hubby then helped them complete), and decorated the family room for me... 

This is what I found... they know I love cows and the family room has recently become home to my cow collection, so they decided to add to it...

Written by Mason...

Apparantly this cow started out as a card drawn by Noah, and they all thought it was hilarious, so they made many more!

And my oldest daughter had stopped by on her way to work to drop off this beautiful picture she painted for me...I LOVE it!!

And my sweet hubby gave me the present he ordered for me... a beautiful bracelet with all the kids names on it(something I have been wanting for a long time)...including Asher's! so there is no way we are changing his name now :) Thank you my Love!!
Everything was wonderful.... except for the fact that within hours of leaving the hospital, my symptoms hit with a vengeance! Full blown nausea followed by throwing up... I couldn't keep anything down for almost 24 hours. It was aweful. By Monday morning I was completely miserable.  I called the Dr again, and they had me come in for IV hydration.  I ended up getting 4 bags of fluid plus Zofran, and then Benedryl. The Benedryl was the best thing ever, because it completely knocked me out and I was able to sleep.  Yesterday, I felt much better, but had to pace myself from doing too much, the virus has really weakened me.  Today is better, but I'm still taking it easy... I have to remember I'm not 20 anymore and I'm I don't bounce back so quickly.   Now I'm just praying no one else in the family gets it.

But it all made for a very memorable Mother's Day and I am very THANKFUL for my wonderful family and how very BLESSED I am.  We often get caught up in the negatives of our lives...responsibilities, unfullfilled dreams, unrealistic expectations, grass is always greener syndrome... But when we take the time to really sit back and look at what we have, the greater picture can be seen... My life may not be totally what I expected or thought it would be, but it is what God has given me and I am eternally grateful for it. My life is good. I have a loving and caring husband, beautiful and awesome children, a roof over our heads, food in our bellies, creative abilities in my mind, and overall good health.  There is no reason not to be happy :)

Have a lovely day!


Tuesday, April 28, 2015

24 Week baby update....

I had my 24 week check up and ultrasound today.... All was good :)   My BP was characteristically low, 102/58, uterus measured large(again, not unusual for me), and Asher's HB was perfect at 144. I refused to step on the scale, haha, seriously, I didn't! I told them next time I will, but we were on vacation all last week and I didn't want to see the number. My Dr, is pretty easy going, and I'm healthy, so he let's me get away with things :)

We finally were able to see Asher's face, but he just loves putting his arm and hand by his face, as you can see in this profile pic... his arm is stretched over the top of his face(hand to the left and elbow to the right) and he is trying to kiss his elbow!  He kept doing that during the U/S, sticking his tongue out and moving his lips towards his arm.

And if you remember the great leg shot we got last time?, he decided to give us a good arm one this time... he approves of my continuing to lift weights this pregnancy by flexing his little arm muscles to the screen!

He is measuring perfectly at 1lb 8oz and everything is looking great. And he is breech at the moment, which I knew because he kicks the heck out of bladder on an hourly basis! He is by far my most active baby.  I head back next month for another U/S and the dreaded glucose test.

Back tomorrow with some pictures of our trip to Ohio.


Thursday, April 16, 2015

Baby Sewing Day 6...

I finally finished the baby boy quilt, with very little time to spare!!   I didn't use a pattern for one, just squares cut on the diagonal, and the placement of them formed a chevron pattern.  I'm pleased with how it turned out, but next time I will make sure I'm happy with the quality of the fabrics before I start working with them(the blue ones, from Joanns, must not have been 100% cotton, they just didn't feel quite right).

Just like the girl quilt, I used Minky on the back....

I hope my niece likes them!

Have a great day,


Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Baby Sewing Day 5....

Well, techinically this is "kid" sewing :)  We are going on a quick trip soon and the new family car isn't as big as the this meant I had to say no to everyone bringing their own back pack full of "stuff". There just isn't the space to put it all.  But they still needed some space to store their gadgets, so I made some fabric storage hangers for the back of the seats.   I just "winged" them, no pattern and I didn't even measure things to square them up, but I they were simple and quick(and free!)... and just what we needed.

 The top part has a snap on it(love my little snap press) so it comes on and off easily. I also put a snap in the middle of the big pocket on the bottom.  The bottom of the hanger just has a band of elastic that goes around the front of the seat which helps to keep it in place and from hanging to far out.

Have a lovely day!