Saturday, December 3, 2016

My New Kitchen...

First...thank you all for the nice comments on my catch up I looked at it, I couldn't believe how much Asher has changed just since September!! Yes, he is in desperate need of a haircut. But we are waiting for his first one to be done at Disney World! Yep...we are headed there in 2 weeks!!!!! ALL TEN OF US! Can you tell I am excited ?LOL!  It will be all the kids first trip there and I haven't been there in 24 years, so it will be like all new to me to :)   More on that is my little nugget.

I'm really going to try to get back into blogging, it's so nice to be able to look at years past in one place.  Life has been busy and extremely boring at the same time....time keeps passing and I know I will regret not recording it.  I have been doing instagram I know it's just not the same as a blog post.

So enough about that....let's start with a project I did this past Spring...I did a $40 makeover on my kitchen. It's amazing what a can of white paint can do :)  I put a fresh coat on the upper cupboards and finally painted the lower ones and the island. I LOVE the results!!  I also removed cupboard doors is some spots too.

Then a few months ago... I got inspired to remove the annoying doors on my small pantry(they would never stay shut).  So the pantry got a small makeover too with some organization and baskets.

One day the super ugly tile floor will go...unfortunately that day is probably awhile off :(


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