Saturday, September 25, 2010

Guess Who's 29 !!! (again)

Ok, so I'm not really 29 today, that would be kind of weird considering I have a 16(almost 17) yr old son. But 37 is just sounding so old. I don't really feel old, at least not mentally, definitely feeling it physically sometimes, but I think from now on, I will just stay 29. My grandmother(mom's mom) stayed 29 for almost 60 years!!! She had 9 children, close to 30 grandchildren, and I don't even know how many great and geat great grandchildren. So why can't I? right.

I thought I would take you down memory lane. Sorry about the pics, I just took pics of the pics and didn't fix them or anything, but you can get the general idea of "me" in each one.

Here I am at about 8 months old. I think this was either taken in Kansas(where I was born, and it was during a tornado(no joke, they evacuated the hospital twice)) or we had just moved to California.
I was about 18 months in this pic, sitting on my mom's lap with my 2 sisters standing behind.
Here I am with my grandpa at about 3 yrs old. I think this was in Wisconsin.
Ah, the picture me and my sisters hated. We did a family portrait at one of those dress up places in the mall. My mom wanted it to look old like the clothing so she told us not to smile.(I'm on the right in the dark dress. About 12 yrs old)
My 15th birthday. Look at those skinny legs, I can't believe I used to think I was so fat at that age.

Homecoming dance... 15 or 16 here. I had put my hair in curlers and ended up with poodle poof.
Senior year of high school, 17 yrs old. Look at that high hair!!!
And last but not least. The first "professional" pic of hubby and I, done at Sears :) I was 18, and again with that hair, what was I thinking!!??
So there you go, me through the years.

The day has started off very nicely. Hubby and kids woke me up with gifts(got my deluxe Scrabble board!). Then hubby got me yummy donuts from a local place. I will probably do some yard work later today, after soccer games are over, and hopefully someone else will be making dinner tonight!

Have a great day,



  1. Sounds like a plain ol happy day! Happiest of birthdays to you....I loved seeing your photos throughout the years. It's fun to look back, eh? Hope your day has a little extra sunshine today!

  2. Happy Birthday Tiff and have an awesome day!!


  3. Happy Birthday Tiff!!

    Loved looking at your photos.
    Hey, I'll trade ya.... You can be 40 (which I turned in Aug) and I'll be 37. LOL!!!
    Or maybe we both can just stick at 29! HeeHee!

    Have a fabulous day!!


  4. Tiff,
    Have a happy, happy birthday. I got a kick out of your 80's photos, they really brought back memories of big hair and short skirts! :-)

    Mrs. G

  5. 29 for ever, that's what I am saying!!! :)

    Have a great Birthday, Janie

  6. oh a child of the 80's when bigger hair was better!!! you got some lift going on there..I had it as well..lots of backcombing/teasing and hairspray;) I hope you enjoy your "29th" birthday again..I got 10 years on the are a beautiful gal..;)

  7. Happy Birthday Tiff, many more blessings are wished for you! What a fun post, you are a brave woman! lol

  8. Happy Birthday Tiff! Enjoyed the visit down memory lane.

  9. Happy Birthday!! Hope you had a great one!! Staying 29 sounds good to me...I've been 29 for 22 year now. LOL...


  10. Happy Birthday! You are about the age of my younger sister....she also is "29" :)


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