Friday, November 19, 2010

The Pickings are Good...

I told you how GoodWill and sales have been very good to me lately, well yesterday was no exception. GW had been calling my name all morning, so at 11:30 the boys and I went. I found a long stool(which you will see down further in this post) right away and asked the girl to keep it by the counter for me while I shopped. I then spotted some more goodies. On the 3rd and final trip around the store(you know you have to circle several times to see everything), my heart skipped a beat when I saw this bag of vintage plastic reindeer, for $1.99 !!!!! None of their antlers were broken and there are actually 3 different kinds. These can go for $5 to $10 a piece in an antique store.
I am so happy about these little deers.
Here are the rest of my goodies... a vintage tablecloth, a vintage plastic Santa, some pipe cleaners, a tin candle holder with hurricane glass, a bag of small glass ornaments, and a glass tree topper.
On a run to GW a few weeks ago, I found more Christmas treasures... a cute tree that I will prim up, a set of bells, a wreath, and some berries. I think I spent maybe $6 for all of this.
Then last night was the first day of an annual craft sale in my town(Friends Corner for you locals). I picked my youngest daughter up from here play auditions and her and Mason and I went to it. We got there about 15 minutes after it had opened and it was already packed. I actually didn't buy the crafts but found some antiques they had for sale. This tree below was not for sale, but I talked the owner of the place into selling it to me, which was very sweet of her(but I promised her a pic of it once I get it set up with my decor, so I can't forget to do that).
Found this old tin bread box with original paint for $10.
And a rolling pin, washboard, and vintage linens(which were super cheap, a buck or two a piece).
Now, back to GW finds...
Picked this sewing cupboard up a few weeks back for $12.50(it was half price). I'm going to use the cabinet as a table after I remove the machine.
The machine itself is gorgeous! and I'm going to display it in my sewing room. I'm guessing it's from the 30's or 40's as it is electrified, but it still looks old.
And here is the foot stool that I got yesterday that I absolutely LOVE!! I have never seen one like it. It is the height of a small footstool, but it's over 3 feet long. I'm going to strip it and put a camel color ticking on it and use it in front of the fire place for the kids to sit on. It was $14.
I found this hearth basket at a Church sale for $1. It was buried underneath a pile of purses and totes and I didn't spot it until my 4th or 5th time around. Now I have 2 of these. And the potato cupboard it is sitting on is a GW find from last week that I got for an aweseome price of $5.99. It will get a prim makeover.
And this little sled was $1 at the church sale. I still have lots more to share, but I need to take some more pics.
I'll leave you with a pic of Mason from earlier today. He is still nursing but wants to try all the food he sees us eat. Well, he saw his big brother eating an Oreo, and I gave in and gave him one. I think he got more on his face and clothes than he actually got in his mouth. Lesson learned, stick with Cherrios!!!

Have a lovely weekend,



  1. Girl you did wonderful here!. I like the bench, sewing machine cabinet, basket, tater bin and sled the best. You were so fortunate to find these wonderful things at such great prices too.
    That baby of yours looks so sweet. I bet he enjoyed that Oreo to death.
    Have a great weekend Tiff.
    Hugs, AMY

  2. wow I wish the deals were that good here..holy cow you cleaned up sister..I can't believe the great prices..and I love!!!! what you got..great picture of Mason..too cute..have a great weekend decorating etc.;)

  3. Man, wish I had as much good luck at you, love it all!

  4. We would have a blast shopping together!!! You totally have to make 3 trips around the GW!!!!
    Love your vintage Christmas finds!!!

  5. I wish I had found that sewing machine! Great deals! Love Goodwill!

  6. Cheerios? Oreos? Hmmm?

    GO chose right! Too cute!

  7. What wonderful finds! You must have the best Good Will around! That last photo of Mason is just adorable :-)
    Have a wonderful weekend!

  8. got lucky..that was a lot of great finds. I had some great finds when I went to visit my DD Nellie in Chicago last month. I will try and get some pictures when I can and post them in my blog :)

  9. Tiff,

    I don't comment very often, but just had to leave a note to say:


    Of course, I live in Colorado......

    Honestly, you find the most wonderful things and then turn them into something even more delightful.

    Just love your blog,
    Honey Hill Farm

  10. You found some awesome stuff!!

    Yea, Oreo messes are pretty nasty!


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