Sunday, March 20, 2011

Name that Blog...

UPDATE... Thank you so much Andrea and Sarah, you guys are fast!!! Off to catch up on The Cottage Nest.

Since my computer died I have been using another laptop that was the kids, but I lost all my bookmarks. There were quite a few lovely blogs that I read that I had bookmarked but hadn't gotten around to putting in my blogroll. One of them happened to be about a woman and her family who moved to a new town and they had been renting a house while looking for one to buy. She had fixed the rental up very cute and she seemed to be quite creative. She often referred to her town as "the Village" and I think she was in Ohio. I "think" she had 2 girls, but I could be wrong. I remember one post about her going for a winter walk around the village and stopping at a bakery and knitting. The town was just adorable with lots of picket fences and cute shops. I would love to find this blog again and see if she bought a home yet. SO.... NAME THAT BLOG!!!! Pretty please !!!!!!!

Thank You !!!!




  2. Ah, I came on the comment section to see if someone had named that blog! I'd love to read it too! Sounds awesome!

  3. Hi Tiff, Love the same things you do it seems. Just started my own blog and meeting some great new friends! Stop by if you get a chance. My hubby and I own an antique store and I love to new friends.

  4. Funny that is one of my favorites too! I am your newest follower, please come check my blog out and maybe follow back!

  5. Hi Tiff...I have been scouring your blog for quite awhile now and I just love all your creativity...I actually started by own blog and hope you will come check it out when you have time...Hungry Hook Primitives


  6. I enjoy going down your blog roll every now and then....thanks for keeping a fun listing! :)
    Hope the house rearranging is winding down for you!!!


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