Tuesday, May 24, 2011

I'm still around....

Zach's 5th Birthday!....

Life is busy and my poor blog has been neglected. It's that time of year and a lot is going on. We had Senior prom, a 5th birthday, a choir concert, my sale, vegetable garden to plant,school stuff, and a house to get ready for my parents(who are coming in 2 short weeks). My oldest is graduating!!! in a few short weeks!!!!
I rearranged the kitchen AGAIN! and now need to redo my sewing room which I took back. I've been painting chairs and other stuff. I'm sorting through a million tubs of clothes and finally letting things go. I'm trying to gut our basement of junk, it's just hard to let go, but I must, I'm sick of the clutter. I want a nicely decorated home that is easy to clean and doesn't control me. So there you have it, I'm busy right now, and it isn't ending any time soon, we still have 4 weeks left of school! I'll be back real soon, and share some good pics.
Have a great week,



  1. Wow! Beautiful couple! Children keep us busy and they grow and are gone before you know it. Savor all of those moments. My youngest graduates next week, the end of an era of "children". Enjoy the weekend!!- Sara

  2. Don't stress, get some rest too! You will get it all done! Lovely photo, your son or daughter?

  3. What a sweet couple Tiff. I hope they enjoyed the prom. Slow down and take a deep breath girl. You are too busy for me that is for sure!Enjoy your day!

  4. Goodness, I can certainly relate to not having enough time to get everything done! What a beautiful prom picture. The dress is beautiful and they are a cute little couple.

  5. gorgeous photo. Glad you are still around, have fun decluttering!


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