Friday, June 24, 2011

My Oldest Graduates.....

It seems like a lot of us in blogland had a child graduating high school this year, for me, it was my oldest son. I'm really not sure how I'm old enough to have a child be finished with school when I feel like I just graduated myself :) But here I am, the proud mommy(yes, they all still call me that) of a handsome young man who has the world at his feet.

I opted not to have a store bought cake for the celebration and instead put my time and love into a unique homemade one. It had two yellow cake layers, one devil's food, one strawberry, and one fudge brownie layer, and lots and lots of buttercream frosting! And an oreo crumb covering.

It surprisingly cut quite easily and stayed together. Oh, and it was yummy!
And now for the man of the hour... his graduating class had around 190 in it.
The graduation was on June 12th.
One little chick is about to fly from the nest, sniff, sniff....
Congratulations to my wonderful son, Cameron, and all those blogger children who graduated this year. May your life be blessed with happiness and may all your dreams come true.



  1. Wow, that cake is awesome!! Congrats to your son!

  2. congrats to you and your handsome son..and I would have totally blown my diet for a slice of that looks soooo good...have a great weekend.;)

  3. Tiff ~
    Congrats to your son!!! You, too! What a handsome young man.
    Pug hugs :)


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