Saturday, October 29, 2011

Card Winners....

I'm working on a different computer so I can't share any photos(like the 50th Anniversary quilt or my front porch) but I can tell you the winners of the the Shutterfly card giveaway....

CONGRATS to Gayle, Karen, and Vanessa!!!! Email me and I will email you back the codes.

I'm looking forward to this snowstorm so I can get our Christmas card pictures done :) and I just plain LIKE snow :)

Life is still busy and hectic and in turmoil and limboland, but I'm slowly cleaning and simplifying the house(starting with our closets). I wanted to have a massive yard sale next weekend, but that isn't likely anymore as there is just no way I will be ready for it. So it may have to wait until Spring. I was thinking about making a selling blog to let go of some of my prim and vintage items, but I hate dealing with the shipping thing, but then again, I may go ahead and do it. I'm so wishy washy lately, I just want my life back to normal.

Have great weekend,



  1. A selling blog is a good idea. Less to get rid of in Spring and make room now.

    Enjoy the snow, Janie

  2. I hope the snow has come by now. I heard it had. Good luck cleaning out closets. I have been trying to do the same. It just creates a bigger mess though. -Steph-

  3. Good luck with the simplifying and organizing! I love the idea of a selling blog, and of course, a yard sale! Woo hoo, by the by, on winning some cards-Thank you!


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