Tuesday, May 24, 2011

I'm still around....

Zach's 5th Birthday!....

Life is busy and my poor blog has been neglected. It's that time of year and a lot is going on. We had Senior prom, a 5th birthday, a choir concert, my sale, vegetable garden to plant,school stuff, and a house to get ready for my parents(who are coming in 2 short weeks). My oldest is graduating!!! in a few short weeks!!!!
I rearranged the kitchen AGAIN! and now need to redo my sewing room which I took back. I've been painting chairs and other stuff. I'm sorting through a million tubs of clothes and finally letting things go. I'm trying to gut our basement of junk, it's just hard to let go, but I must, I'm sick of the clutter. I want a nicely decorated home that is easy to clean and doesn't control me. So there you have it, I'm busy right now, and it isn't ending any time soon, we still have 4 weeks left of school! I'll be back real soon, and share some good pics.
Have a great week,


Saturday, May 14, 2011

3 yrs ago...

Time keeps marching on, but I will always remember. I love you Nathan.


Thursday, May 12, 2011

$500 Giveaway!!!

photo from Jeanne Oliver's etsy shop

Have you all heard about this fantastic giveaway? Jeanne Oliver is giving away a $500 gift certificate to her shop to celebrate her new line!!!! Go check it out :) LOVELY things!!!


Monday, May 9, 2011

In Bloom...

I hope everyone had a lovely Mother's Day. Mine was just perfect. I got to sleep in, woke to a french toast breakfast in bed, lot of sweet handmade gifts from the munchkins, worked in the yard with my 7 yr old, hubby worked all day on making me the most awesome bunny house for the deck(hubby is not a handyman, so this was truly a gift. And the bunnies had to be put outside because it turns out that I am extremely allergic to them, who knew!), went to the store with my girls, and my oldest son surprised me with a plant for my garden(I thought they were petunias, but they are actually violas). It was a very nice day.

This morning I thought I would share what is blooming in the garden so far this Spring(we are running a bit behind after such a looonnnggg winter). All these pics were taken this morning...
I hung a basket of yellow flowers on the front door, I love how it looks against the red.
Our ornamental pear trees are in their full beauty right now, full of tiny white blossoms.

I have several of these small plants and they are covered in white flowers, I have no idea what they are though! I am such a newbie when it comes to gardening, I'll admit that.
I have lots of little hitch hiker flowers through out, they came along(unknowingly) with plants that I have received from friends and church plant sales. I think it's fun to see what will sprout up.
Yet another unknown... they came from a church sale, I'm assuming they are some sort of daisy.

My poor tulips. I planted some about 4 years ago between some bushes, now the bushes have taken over and you can't see the tulips. I'll have to dig them up and move them. When is the best time to do that?
Another unknown... They are small little things that are amongst the iris.
More hitch hikers that came with some Phlox...
Flowers on the front porch...
The plant my son gave me....
I need to plant it in this pot... oh, and see the blue enamel coffer pot, that is one of the treasures I dug up from the backyard. I'm going to put some zinnia seeds in it.
And here is the after of us removing the stone(concrete) patio. We left a walkway to connect the garden to the side of the house and I used the stones to line the front bed. Now I just need to get the grass seed to grow.

Have beautiful day.


Friday, May 6, 2011

Narwhal Anyone?!!

One of my daughters is going to a birthday party on Saturday and she wanted to make something for her friend(aka, have mom make something!). This girls favorite animal is a narwhal, a horned whale. So here is what I came up with.... Yes, that polkadot fleece is sure making a lot of things! I'm going to be sad when I run out of it.

He's big an squishy and will be perfect to sit on a bed and use as a reading pillow. I hope she likes him!

Have a fantastic weekend! I'll be busy setting up for my sale(which is next Friday, Sat., and Sun., May 13-15, 10- 3pm each day for you locals!),


Tuesday, May 3, 2011

When GoodWill Calls....Listen....

After I dropped the boys off at school, I took a load of clothes to Goodwill. I dropped them off on the back loading dock, but as I drove off I heard something calling me ;) So I had to listen, LOL! I told the little boys that we still had half an hour before story time at the library started, so let's run inside real quick. And look what I found sitting on the shelf!!!! FIVE wonderful faux chocolate bunnies!!! I grabbed them as fast as I could(even though I was the only one in the store). The one salesclerk saw me putting them in the cart and said to another salesclerk, "see, I told you the bunnies would sell". I guess because it was after Easter, they thought no one would want them. Were they wrong!!! BUT, because of this, they were only marked $1.99. Normally, my GW marks things like this way expensive, so I was shocked at the low price, but ever so grateful:) Mason had to hug each one as I put them in the cart, it was cute.
I also got to old pieces of cut crystal for my bathroom, I'll show you those later.

Aren't these guys cute? There are no chips are cracks on them either. Someone was just getting rid of their collection I guess. They still have their Homegoods stickers on them too. I'm not going to put them away, I think I have a new theme for my dining room ;0 I can't wait for my sale to be over so I can work on that room!

Have a terrific day,


Monday, May 2, 2011

Sunscreen next time...

We spent the weekend doing yard work and now we are paying for it with sunburns and sore muscles:( But at least a lot got accomplished. We put down 6 yards of mulch and 3 yards of compost/topsoil mix. We moved two large bushes to make a planting bed smaller, moved a small tree to get rid of a bed, removed some scrub trees by the swingset, put in a new 15' x 20' vegetable garden, starting ripping up a stone patio and began using it to make new pathways, weeded all the beds, and prepared the front door kitchen garden for planting.
Sorry, these aren't the best pics, I took them from inside after I took a shower and had a towel on my head. My neighbor was on her porch so I didn't want to go out in my jammies and wet head!
You can see that the strawberries from last year are outgrowing their home, I have to decide what to do about that.
Patio we are ripping up...
Bed we made smaller....

New veggie garden on the side of the house. We made rows and layed down straw(with stone for the moment). This is a perfect garden spot because we had yet to plant anything there and the grass was hard to grow, plus it is on a slight slope so it will get adequate drainage and it's in almost full sun.
Still lots to do outside, but next weekend I HAVE to get ready for my sale on the 13th!!!! Never enough time in the day.

Have a wonderful day,