Sunday, June 10, 2012

When do we start speaking up?

I usually don't make this a political or news blog, but sometimes a girl just has to speak out.  It seems like daily that I read stories about how we need to respect other cultures and be PC about everything.      That is fine and dandy, but what about respecting our own country?  

 Yes, America has had a not so pretty past and many atrocities were committed, I'm not denying any of that.  But I feel for the most part, today as a country, we are a very giving country, we come to everyone's aid and try to protect those who are being suppressed.
 Many try to paint America as evil and greedy and that mentality is starting to seep into Americans heads and we are letting it happen.  This is just one example of the many stories out there that I happened upon today....    This is totally insane, why are we letting this happen?
 People immigrate here because it is a great country. We are a melting pot. Everyone has a heritage, but if you live in America, then you are American. Why is that such a bad thing? Why can't we have pride in being Americans?  We aren't offending other cultures by playing an American song IN AMERICA! They came here because it was better than where they were!!
 If we keep on this new trend of trying to separate cultures to protect feelings, we are going to end up in a lot of trouble.  You will divide people and generate more hate and fear.  We need to respect each other and come back together as a whole country, no distinction in front of the word "American", just  be an AMERICAN.   Stop separating.
Be proud of  where you live and who you are.  Give to those in need, help and be kind to your neighbor, respect each other's feelings, and teach your children history to help prevent the mistakes of the past.
I am American, a  hodge podge mutt of cultures mixed into one strong willed, God loving,  craft making, family centered, very conservative woman who is tired of all the BS out there and is going to start saying so!

Stepping down from my soap box now,



  1. Great post Tiff! I totally agree with you. We The People need to be the change we want to see.

    Prim hugs, Jessica

  2. From my vantage point up here in Canada, it would seem that the U.S is headed towards socialism. Things are never going to be the way they were. Since 9/11 things have been on a steady decline. When people immigrate to the U.S, they come wanting a better life but they do not come necessarily wanting to give up their beliefs, religious or otherwise. The sad fact is that in an effort not to "offend" people, our countries change and not always for the better. If we try to keep things the same, we are labelled intolerant. As a follower of Christ, I see these things as signs of the end times.

    Watching the U.S in such turmoil is unsettling.

  3. Well said Tiff.I feel the same about the UK.I have always believed in live and let live.I am an English girl,Church of England faith,that is my right,we are a multi cultural nation,that's fine.I ont want to jump on my box,cos I do very often,but I do get very upset when told that I shouldn't fly St George's flag incase I upset someone........I will close now because I do get a bit wound up.
    Hope you are now feeling better Tiff,and things are getting easier for you and hubby.loads of love Laura xxx

  4. AMEN! I couldn't agree with you more. It's sad that so many will not open their mouth and speak up. The "let's make everyone happy" attitude is a major problem that our country is dealing with.

    I agree with Theresa, it's one of the signs of the time.

  5. Great post, Tiff. I do not like the direction our country is heading. I think we are getting change many people did not anticipate. If our great country is so awful, why are we always helping others and why do so many people want to come here?
    God help us and God Bless America!!!
    Hugs :)

  6. Amen......thank you for saying it so well!

  7. Oh yes!!!! Kellogs will be getting a not so nice e-mail from me because I picked up a box of their cereal and after I got home I noticed the WHOLE dang box was written in Spanish with tiny English subtitles underneath!!! I thought "what country do I live in? And what language do they think we speak?" For me, this is the time to speak up here. I am mad:{ You are completely right!! -Steph-

  8. Hello Tiff, Amen sister. If you live in America your an American, if you live in Canada your a Canadian, be proud of where you live!!! Great post,love the photos of the old barns. God Bless Us All, Francine.

  9. And I'm in Australia and similar things are happening here too, with what is sung and celebrated in our schools. We need to speak up (respectfully) about important issues as otherwise we'll all drown in a wash of policital correctness or some such thing and end up not being able to move sideways lest someone picks on us!

    PS, found your blog via Joyfulhomemaker's...

  10. Amen Tiff...Preach! I just want you to know that there are so many of us out here who feel the same way...We'll just have to be a strong humble united force again...

  11. Very well said! I also love love love the photos. So perfectly Americana!

  12. Totally agree. But with the political agendas and bias toward America and Christians being taught in so many protected public school districts, without drastic reform and private schools, it will only get worse. My cousin's son was shown a video and TOLD that the attack on Pearl Harbor was known to be coming, even when it would happen, and the US welcomed it as a way to get involved in the war to make money. He actually convinced his parents that it is true, and believes every war is for "big business" and greedy companies. We should try to talk it out instead. Hard to talk while you are being beheaded, incinerated, or blown up, but of course, we must be tolerant of others' customs. And I'm paying his huge salary and massive pension in my taxes! Separation of church and state? How about separation of political agendas and schools.

  13. If there was a "like" button on your blog I would check it. Very well said.

  14. AMEN! LOUD and clear! I could not have said this better, thank you!


  15. 100% agree, I could of not said it any better! Get on that soap box anytime you like!

  16. Wow! Glad to see I am not alone and that others share this view.Great post.You said what a lot of us have wanted to say for a long time.It is time "We The People" stand up and take our country back. God Bless America! Thank you.


  17. Hope you are okay and will be back to posting soon.

  18. VERY well said!! First visit to your blog and I am sure glad I read this post! I totally your pics in newer posts...looking forward to more!


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