Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Tuesday Display Chain!...

I didn't forget this week! YAY!  And I felt so honored when I read Misi's of 1890 Gable House Musings blog post today, that I was the inspiration for today's chain "See it- Do it!". Really, I think we are all the inspiration because I'm sure we all have at least one thing that has been Pinned and has inspired someone to make something :)

My See it-Do it is actually three different things inspired from pinterest.  Here is Mason and "Rosa"(he named her and she goes everywhere with us lately) showing off two of the inspirations that I whipped up last night.
 There are so many cute doll clothes tutorials out there that I was inspired by all of them and came up with my own little design.  I'm not a pattern person, I just kind of wing it. I think she came out super cute. The striped print is cotton and the tiny dot print is an uber soft flannel.
 The collar of her dress is elastic, so no buttons or anything to mess with, just on and off over her head.
 Here is Mason modeling his new pants that match Rosa's outfit.  I saw a pin with lined toddler pants and new this would be perfect for Fall and Winter in Maine.
 I did draw up a pattern for these because I wanted to make sure they fit well in the bottom(diaper) region.  Again, cotton on the outside and the soft flannel on the inside with a rolled cuff so you can see it.
 When I had him try them on I asked him if they were "OK", his reply was "actually they are perfect"! LOL, he loves to say "actually".
 They wore their matching outfits to the Maine Wildlife Park today as we chaperoned a school field trip.
 And last but not least, my third See it-Do it!   My oldest daughter is a master at Sharpie tattoos. I let her do this one on my leg when I found a similar one on pinterest.  I love the squirrel in the acorn.
Thank you again Misi for the sweet post, it made me smile!  And be sure to head over there and check out the rest of the chain :)



  1. Hi Tiff. Mason and Rosa are adorable together. Even cuter in their matching outfits. The little neighbor kids start out every sentence with "actually" too. They even have me saying it.

  2. Tiff ~
    Mason and his baby are just too cute.
    LOL! I never heard of Sharpie tatoos ('cuz I'm old). Your daughter is very talented! I bet she gets it from her momma :)

  3. Hi Tiff~

    Love Mason's pants. They are super cute & I bet they are nice & toasty.

    Have a great night~Becky

  4. Hi Tiff,
    What cute matching outfits Mason and Rosa have! You are very talented. Those pants would feel awful good to me right now in Minnesota too. LOL
    Your daughter shares your talent I see, nice job and so much less painful!
    Be blessed,

  5. Well done Tiff,2great makes,and I just love the tattoo,
    Masons a cutie.xx

  6. Too cute! How long till the sharpie tats wash off? Your daughter did a great job.Warm Blessings!~Amy

  7. I love your creation...adorable.
    What a fantastic artist your daughter is with a Sharpie!

  8. What wonderful matching outfits. I think the cuffs and dress fabric are the cutest with the stripes. Good job Tiff. Your daughter has an amazing talent there. -Steph-

  9. Wow! Your whole family is so creative and artistic.
    Great job on the pants. I used to have flannel lined
    jeans for my boys, back in NH, dealing with
    the "cold" winters.Lots of great ideas.
    Great job.

  10. Awwww Mason and Rosa look so darling in their matching outfits, you really did do a super duper job on making them. I always envy anyone who knows how to sew...I hem pants, that's about it! lol

    LOVE the Sharpie tattoo your daughter did on you, it's gorgeous! Plus, it hurts a lot less than having a real tattoo done! lol xo


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