Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Fall Family Room...

My computer still won't recognize my camera card and hubby tried everything. After an hour he realized that I could download with the cord!LOL! We had both forgotten about that since I hadn't been doing it that way for so long.  Of course my camera is spazzing out, not very clear pics and half of the ones I took are empty files, so I don't have all the ones I wanted to share and I don't have the time to take more right now.

Anyway, here is my family room for fall.  I rearranged the furniture a bit last week, preparing for winter, and I like it so far.

Looking towards the back of the room and the fireplace...

My cow wall.... I love cows :)

My cow head. Don't worry, he is just paper. My kids think I'm so weird for hanging a cow head in the house, but I think he is great.  He was painted an odd black and gray, but I decided to just go all white with him....I think I may sand and distress him a bit though.

The fireplace... I kept it simple this year.

My chair corner ....

Isn't this crow great?!

Next to my chair... the little owl is from the same company as the crow.

I painted this cupboard again last week. I had gone light blue with it, but it didn't work in the room, so neutral white it went. And I like it so much better.  Also love the bee burlap in it.

The opposite view of the room... behind the sofa is a game/puzzle table, which makes good use of the space(this room is so awkwardly long).

Still working on cleaning and organizing my new craft room, what a huge and boring job, but I think I will enjoy it when it's done.

Have a wonderful day,



  1. Oh, how I love your home!!!! It looks so welcoming!!!!!!!! Thank you for sharing with us.....I have eye candy to look at throughout the day!

  2. Your home always looks so warm n cozy :) Happy Fall to you & your family !! ♥

  3. Your family room look so warm and inviting!
    I like the way you decorated for Fall, not over done at all.

  4. Really beautiful :) I love all the fall touches you added...and the cow head is growing on me (not literally of course) ;P
    Smiles, DianeM

  5. I love cows too!!! Where did you get the crow and owl? Way too cute! How can a craftroom in any state be boring? I'd have a blast!

  6. Looks so homey and comfortably cozy! I must say though, THAT I AM IN LOVE WITH THE QUILTS! The quilts on the wall, especially that house quilt are divine. I have always loved house and buildings of all kinds quilts, and have wanted to make one for years. Yours is wonderful. Happy October!

  7. Your home has always been one of my absolute favourites. Looks so cozy and welcoming. I have to say though, the cow head looks sort of like a hippo :)


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