Tuesday, January 7, 2014

January Bulletin Board...

It's January 7th and I was finally able to get into school and do the January Bulletin board.  The kids were supposed to go back on January 2nd, but because of the weather(first snow and then ice) they had off Thursday, Friday, and Monday too!  We have used up 3 of our 5 built in snow days already and it's only the beginning of winter.  Oh well, the extra long break was nice.

So here is the board...
 The pond turned out more pink than I wanted, but it's fine for something so temporary.
 And the dog mascot became a snowman :)
 My little helper had to wear his batman winter hat that he got from his big sister for Christmas.  He loves it!
Thank you all for the warm wishes for Cameron.  We are looking forward to the wedding :)

Stay warm,


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