Monday, June 30, 2014

Christmas in July(well June still)

We've had a busy summer already and I have lots to share, but I had to first share today's surprise. We are getting ready for Florida and I'm trying to clear the garage out, so I took a van load up to goodwill this afternoon.  Apparantly a lot of people are doing the same thing today, because two other cars were up there unloading.  I started casually talking with one lady about our stuff(she was a collector too). She liked my stuff and I like hers, lol!!!  I was good though, I only came home with one giant tub of vintage ornaments.  Look what I got for totally FREE!!!!!...

 The majority are Shiny Brites...

 Some pretty neat ones in there...

 And even some for my kitchen Kiche tree...

 Was in the right place at the right time!!!  I'm a happy camper :)

Stay cool,



  1. Lucky you,they're all lovely.x

  2. Awesome! the long pointy ones are cool. I always see good stuff going in at the goodwill drop off but never anything good like that inside the darn store. Hmmmm. LOL

  3. WOW! those are just so pretty and yeah for you getting them for free. Did you just grin from ear to ear when she showed you all these beauties?

  4. OMGosh, I so adore those long ones with the red and blue!! Score!!

  5. What a super stash ! :) I am so happy to have found your lovely blog and world here via the net. I shall be adding you to my blog list for all to enjoy in the uk, love Miss D xxx

  6. WOW - How lucky you are! They are beautiful. I was wondering if you got my last two emails...I have gotten an 'undelivered' notice, so I'm not certain you have received them. One was your swap package tracking info and the other was a huge THANK YOU note....
    Have a lovely 4th!

  7. Oh dear....I did sent you several emails :-(. I'll copy and paste them and hopefully you will get the second copy. I feel probably thought I was ignoring you...when in fact I sent you three emails lately. Have a lovely trip!.

    Blessings- Wendy

  8. Be still my heart! Oh, how lucky you are! You got some real nice shapes & colors :)
    Smiles, DianeM

  9. How amazing! I've never seen so many Shiny Brites at one time! WOW! I know you were happy! I'm visiting from Wendy's! Hugs, Diane

  10. My oh My oh My!! Wow!! That is an amazing amount of vintage ornaments !!! You were definitely at the right place at the right time. Congratulations on the awesome additions to your collection! Have a blessed week!

  11. Hey Tiff - I am just checking in to ask if everything is okay....I haven't heard from you or seen a post about the swap, so I am starting to worry....

  12. Tiff,

    Just dropping a small note of concern....hope all is well.

    Yours kindredly,

  13. Not sure my comment went through. Hope you will update us soon so we know you are okay. Perhaps you decided to stop blogging. Hope not as I loved reading your posts.

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