Monday, October 26, 2015

Sneak Peak of Master Bedroom Redo...

  Yes, I know, I said no more home projects for awhile... but this one was a bit of a necessity. Hubby has pretty bad cat allergies and since the cats aren't going, the carpet had to go. Over the weekend we tore up the carpet in our bedroom and walk in closet. It actually went quite fast with the help up the big kids. We then attempted a "pinterest" project...using plywood for flooring.  We chose maple veneer plywood, each 4 x 8' sheet was $24.95 at Lowes.  We had the guy at Lowes cut the sheets into 12" planks.( they do this for free, saves us time, and makes perfect cuts, which we wouldn't achieve at home). We left half at 8' lengths and had the other half cut at 3' and 5' lengths...that way we could easily stagger them.   We then just nail gunned them down.   The whole floor was complete by Sunday afternoon, and we had the furniture back in by 7pm.

Here is the floor before I sealed it...

It's very smooth and has an old farmhouse feel to it.

We decided not to stain it, just let it wear and age naturally.... other than the thin liquid wax coat that I put on it(which just ever so slightly darkened it).

We love the results and it was a fairly simple a Pinterest win!!  Hopefully this helps hubby's allergies subside a bit(well, a lot).  The whole room got a thorough cleaning and I really like the open sparseness of it. I am slowly going through stuff before I put it back in the room and closet so it will be less cluttered.  I am also going to change up the color scheme a bit.  I'll share pics when it's all done! Which may take awhile, life with a baby is all about the baby(as it should be!)

Speaking of babies... here is my cutie pie during his weekly photo shoot...11 weeks old last Thursday :)

Have a great day,



  1. wow, looks great!!! Enjoy, janie

  2. Very clever project Tiff! About hubby's cat allergies - check to see if there are any NAET practitioners near you - my life was changed when my allergies to MANY things were eliminated -


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