Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Working on Wednesday...

It is Wednesday right? Whewww! I can't believe it's been 2 weeks already since Mason was born. He's doing great and I'm getting back to normal. The kids are back in school this week and we are finding our way back into the normal routine of things. Mason has seamlessly fit right into our family and actually sleeps pretty good at night.

I know this isn't a subject that is talked about a lot but I think it is important to let other new moms know that it is normal and plenty of women go through it. It's the "baby blues". About 4 days after Mason was born, the baby blues hit me hard. It wasn't full blown post partum depression, as it didn't affect me taking care of him or bonding with him, but it did (for a lack of a better word) SUCK! Hormones are a powerful thing, and they definitely hit me hard. Basically, I had a huge desire to have family near us(which they aren't), I worried about my other kids and didn't want them to feel depressed or bored, I fretted over Hubby's long commute to work and felt horrible for him, I realized how old my teenagers are and they are growing up way to fast for me, and I hated my house and felt trapped within in it. It was just an overwhelming gloomy feeling and I felt like it would never go away. And I hated that I was feeling like that when all I should be doing is enjoying my new baby.
Because I "knew" what was going on, I tried to get rid of it as quickly as I could. We went for car rides, went for short walks, did as many little household chores as I could, rested when the baby slept, and most importantly, I talked about how I was feeling. My middle sister made a great point about how having a csection didn't let my body release all those hormones through a normal labor and delivery, so that could be why the baby blues hit me so hard, one minute I was pregnant and the next I wasn't, and my body just didn't know how to handle that and all those built up hormones.
Anyway, by last Friday I could feel myself coming out of it and I think I am pretty much back to normal now, Thank goodness!! I'm telling you, I would take physical pain over that emotional mess any day.

Ok, back to my post... Here is what I'm working on or plan on working on soon...

First, I'm in the process of making an applique wall hanging of my kids hands, to preserve this moment in time.

I want to make several of these small wall quilts, for gifts and to sell...
And to go along with the crocheting binge I have been on, I want to make some toys...
Aren't these cute?...
BUT!!! The most important thing I'm working on is growing this adorable little man... here he is yesterday in a vest I crocheted for him.
Sleepy after a bath...
Sweet dreams...

I again, apologize for not getting around to answering comments, just give me some time and I'll get there.

Have a splendid day,



  1. Oh Tiff I am so sorry you were going thru the "Blues". I suffered a long bout of this with my first child so I know first hand how it feels. You sound very postitive about things now girl. I'm very proud of you.
    Sounds like you are going to be very busy with all the new things you are creating. Wish I had your energy!
    Take care and get some rest.

  2. Tiff, I commend you for not only noticing that you were having the "baby blues" but for talking about it...what a HUGE help for others. Mason is so adorable and I love all the handmade gear you have created for him...can you say "ADORABLE". I have a few new little ones coming along in my family, if you do end up making those toys and selling them let me know. I wish I was so talented. Best Wishes

  3. Tiff, sorry you were feeling so bad. I'm glad you are starting to feel like your old self. Baby Mason looks so peaceful and beautiful.
    Enjoy him!

  4. Oh Tiff, sorry about those baby BLUES.. Mine seemed to linger for awhile. Glad you are feeling better.

    Love the adorable pictures of sweet Mason. he is sooo cute!!!

    Let us know when you start selling the wall quilts and toys.

    Have a great week, Janie

  5. Mason is adorable! Happy to hear you handled those baby blues like a pro!

  6. Thank goodness you realized what you were feeling and why....that is always a good start. Also thank goodness for having such a wonderful and supportive family to lean on. We need to get you out of the house, road trip anyone? Any way, it was so nice to see you the other day and I can't wait to meet Mason in person....he is soooooo adorable. Take it easy.

  7. Oh that baby is adorable..are you sure he is only 2 weeks old..he is so alert...Love the things you crocheted for him..and I am glad you are out of the little sister is due at the end of march with her 3rd..I hope it is not hard for her as she is older..I love the crocheted arugmi animals..:) take care.:)

  8. I'm so glad you shared about your experience with baby blues. In this mobile society, many women are left to figure it all out on their own without the support of women who have already experienced what they're going through! My baby is just three months old. I too had some baby blues -- more with him than I did with my first. And I too recognized it for what it was, which helps a little, but mostly 'cause you know it'll eventually pass. Mine didn't come on until about a week after he was born and lasted about a week. Isn't it nice to have someone small and warm to cuddle when you're blue? That sweet little face does much to make all seem right in the world!


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