Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Bathroom Refresh...

Last weekend hubby and I painted the kid's bathroom. I forgot to take "before" pics, but let's just say it was a boring "builder beige" color and really needed to be freshened up. The main reason was because it was developing a mildew problem. The builder didn't use bathroom suitable paint, just flat paint like he used in the rest of the house. And with my teenagers liking to take long hot showers, even with the fan running, we were developing little spots of mildew on the ceiling and upper walls. We would scrub it off, but it kept coming back and seemed to soak into the paint, just nasty. So, we cleaned it again and then used Kilz brand paint in a semi gloss finish. The color is calmed "creamy blue" and I'm really happy with it. Hubby even keeps commenting on how nice the bathroom looks. Oh, and we painted the ceiling the same color and it worked out great. I'm hoping that with this new paint we can easily wipe off any mildew or mold. Now we just need to get a better fan for the room.

And of course I have to share more pics of Mason! Here he is right after a bath and looking a bit like a wrinkled old man :) See how reddish his hair looks when it's sticking straight up.
And he did great at his U/S appointment yesterday and the radiologist said there were no signs of any hip problems on either hip!! YAY!!
Thank you all for the curtain suggestions, I think I have an idea in my head now that I am going to try to put into action today, if the cutie pie lets me put him down.

Have a lovely day,



  1. Your bathroom looks really fresh Tiff. Love the countertop.
    I just adore your little man. He is so darn cute. Praise the Lord on the good report on his hip. What relief you must be feeling.
    Enjoy your week,

  2. I am so glad to hear the good news for Mason.

  3. your bathroom is so pretty I love the blue! What a CUTIE your Mason is! So glad to hear the great report on his hip! Keep those pics coming, he's a doll! :)

  4. Mason sure is a cutie!!!! Glad the hips are fine :)

    Have a great day, Janie

    Like the new bathroom color, enjoy!

  5. love the color of your bathroom..great job..and Mason is a little little sister had her baby last friday..:)

  6. Love the new bathroom look and that little man of yours is adorable!

  7. The bathroom looks so fresh, I like the color.

    Your little guy is just soooo cute. Makes me miss the baby stage...

  8. I love the blue color, it looks great. Little Mason is adorable and I can tell he's growing! Glad to hear he doesn't have hip problems.
    Have a great weekend.

  9. our son was born with red hair that had a mind of its own! lol...but he was the *pick* in the nursery with the nurses.

    your bathroom looks great. adore the soothing color! its very fresh looking!

  10. Hi Tiff,
    Your bathroom looks amazing!!
    And your little man is so adorable.
    Seeing your pictures makes me miss having a little one around. ;)
    My babies are 21, 19 and 15!!
    Hope youre having a wonderful weekend.
    Take Care,

  11. Your bathroom looks so fresh and pretty and Mason is well.....hes just adorable, love them at that age, the little noises they make, hes so cute!!!!


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