Friday, March 19, 2010

Love/Hate Relationship...

I have a love/hate relationship with window treatments, actually, at this moment it's just a Hate relationship. I can't figure out what I want on my family room windows. I wish I could just go with nothing, but then I feel like we are lacking privacy, especially living in a neighborhood. And every time I try to go for a real "prim" look, it just looks messy and like I'm hanging rags in the window.

Here are the curtains I have had up all winter. They were swagged to the side and before that I had them hanging from circle clips on each side of the window so that they could be shut at night.

Then a few weeks ago, I tried something different. I coffee stained some white lace curtains I had from target. They came out really pretty and I thought I would go for more a turn of the century look, like Road to Avonlea. But, I'm not sure I like it.
Then I just took the curtains down all together. And yes, all three of these windows are in the family room and all look like they do in the pics at this very moment :)
So, should I just put a simple muslin valance up? Or just hang the mustard curtains at the sides of the windows again? Or just use the lace curtains by themselves? Or what? I just want a lighter and different look for Spring/summer.

We are headed to the U/S appoitment this afternoon, I hope all goes well.

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  1. Good morning Tiff. Sorry no answer on the curtains, although for the spring I would probably just go with muslin valances for an open airy feel. I did want to make sure to leave a comment for good luck on the ultrasound. Please be sure to update us. As always our thoughts and prayers your way. By the way, is it almost lawnsale season?

  2. I like the first window and the last. I LOVE your star shutters. I agree with the feeling that you are hanging rags in the window. I too have tried and found that it looked crazy. Seeing as no one I know "gets" prim, they would all think that I had gone off the deep end, or feel sorry for me, thinking we were so poor that I had to resort to hanging scraps of fabric on the windows. LOL!

  3. I go through the same thing at times but have always gone with heavy in the winter and light in the summer. I LOVE the lace coffee stained panels and would go with just them till I found something better. Let us know!

  4. Ughh I feel the same about window treatments - never know what to do and with the expense i don't want to make a mistake - i took the easy way - i have valances with a cotton ivory colored tab top underneath so i can wash them - those coffee stained ones look cool though.

  5. In the warmer weather I use a lace valance. It's straight across the top of the window and maybe only 14" long. An airy farmhouse type accent to a window to let some of the glorious sunshine in after such a long winter! :-)

  6. Oh the window problems...been there!

    I think the heavy drawn back swag with the dark shutter makes the room appear dark....I am for the sparce look of the last photo with just the shutter and a light valance....use a light Onsberg fabric valance and see how that's really airy when the light is behind it.

    Don't care for the middle one...but that's just me.

    P.S. COULD MASON GET ANY CUTER!!!! He's just precious.


  7. i'm not a fan of lace curtains, so i would suggest a valance or a swag with a valance insert. hope this helps.


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