Saturday, May 22, 2010

GiveAway Winner...

Happy Weekend everyone!! Sorry for the delay in announcing the winner of my Prim Prairie Giveaway. I had a busy day yesterday and then I decided to do the giveaway the old fashion way and write everyone's name on a piece of paper and by the time I was finished doing that last night, my youngest daughter(who wanted to do the drawing) had fallen asleep. Then we had two baseball games to go this morning. So finally, here she is picking the winner...

CONGRATULATIONS to Cher of "Prim from Scratch" !!!! You won the apron, bonnet, and star candle holder. Email me your address and I will get your package out to you. tcupps @ gmail. com
And guess what?? She picked a 2nd winner!!!

CONGRATULATIONS!! to Michelle of "Grannies Pantry"!!! You won a prim apron. Email me your address and I will get your prize out to you(after I whip one up :) ).
tcupps @ gmail. com

Thank you to all who entered, I wish I was able to give a prize to everyone. But keep checking back, when I reach 200 followers, I'll do another one!

Enjoy your day,



  1. oh wow tiff how wonderful,boy im so lucky.especially since i dont even have a i luv it!i was on here last night reading your blog and i must say i admire you so much.what a strong and loving mother you are.god bless you ,now im off to email u.if you dont get it send me a quick email then i can respond back computer its kokky kokky or it might be me!have a great weekend and thank you so much.god bless

  2. Congrats to the winners..I will be watching and entering in your next giveaway :)
    Come on over to my blog when you get a minute for my giveaway and my sale.
    Have a great week end

  3. Congrats to the winners...Michelle your luck continues..

  4. Congratulatons to the winners. Thanks to you Tiff for a wonderful giveaway. I enjoyed it:)

  5. Congratulations to both winners. You won some awesome prizes.

  6. Great giveaway and congrats to the winners. They will be receiving some great crafties!

  7. I hope all is well and that you're just busy with the baby :-)

  8. Hope all is well and just busy with the children.

    Have a great one, Janie

  9. Yes, I agree, hope all is well, but I'm dying for a new post :)

  10. Me too * ditto. Hope all is well, I miss your posts and check in regularly to see what you're up to up there in Maine! We're just south of you in CT and it's Hot as Heck this week * Welcome Summer!


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