Wednesday, May 5, 2010

More Thrift Finds...

I still feel like I'm playing catch up from my parents visit, trying to find places to put all me new treasures and just getting the house back in order, but I'm getting there slowly. I really just need to go through my whole house and get rid of a ton of stuff, I feel like it is getting too hard to keep it clean because of all my collections and stuff. But I'm going to hold off on doing that until my open house in November and do it then. Anyway, here are some more of the thrift finds I got with my mom....

This is the free ladder I got from the couple cleaning out their rental house. It was 12' long, so my dad cut it down for me(actually twice because we weren't sure how tall I wanted it) and then I stained the whole thing.
And here is the little chair he made with the pieces he cut off of the ladder...
I got this paint by number horse picture with the wood frame at a local antique/junk store for $5. It will go in my two boy's room(it's done in a horse/western theme). The chair it's sitting on is from the salvation army(I took off the fabric woven seat and I'm going to replace it with a woven burlap seat).
Got these two little vintage boys outfits at a yardsale for $2 and the precious crocheted hat was a $1.
And at the same yardsale, my mom bought this baby sled for me, I have a thing for old sleds. This one was $15.
At another yard sale, I found this old desk and chair for $5 !!! Brought it home, washed it and added coat of stain to freshen it up and it turned out great. Oh, and those are the original boards from the school room, they show the worn spot where the kids got in and out of the chair. I have another school desk in the basement and I would like to get at least 2 more so that I can have my own little one room school house when I home school the younger kids next year(which I'm 90% sure I'm doing, any advice would be greatly appreciated).
Still have more to share, including the stuff from the church sale that I went to last week, where I was happy to run into a fellow blogger, Julie, from Dog Trot Farm. Actually, she recognized me thanks to baby Mason(who I was wearing on me in his sling). Go check out her blog, her home is so lovely looking and she has a whole little family of chickens. I just love meeting fellow bloggers in real life. I would have loved to have gotten to talk more to her, but you all know how it is at a church rummage sale... crowded and frantic and you don't want to miss out on a treasure! So Julie, if you are reading this, I would love to get together one day, and you are welcome to come thrifting with me(I'm an old pro at it!).

Until later my dear blogging friends,



  1. Love the ladder and the desk Tiff. I've never seen a desk like yours though. I have a couple of them both different ages and styles. Enjoy your new finds.

  2. You got an awesome deal on the desk and sled!

    Bear Hugs~Karen

  3. the desk is gorgeous - love your finds :) You have a great eye Tiff!

  4. Awesome finds Tiff!!
    Everything is fabulous.
    I especially love the ladder and the sled.
    Lucky Gal!!
    :) Tam

  5. Wow you got some really awesome stuff...and I love what you did with the the desk and love the vintage clothing and that sled is way kewl.;)

  6. WOW! You have found so many wonderful treasures! I especially love the sled, but the school desk and chair are awesome!
    I went through the same thing about keeping all my collectibles clean, etc. I fianlly did pare down and it feels so much better. Now I do it once a year and try not to let things get out of hand.
    Its so nice to see you posting on a regular basis again.
    Enjoy the rest of your week!

  7. I love the desk! Ive found two so far, and we're using one as an end table.,

  8. lots of groovy stuff there. I like the quilt rack and the cool desk!


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