Thursday, March 1, 2012

Pinterest Project Day! ....

I know most of us our addicted to pinterest and I'm sure some of you are actually starting to try the things you see on there, right? So far for me, it's about a 50% fail rate. But here is a project that I'm considering a success!!! Cardboard hatbox makeover....

I saw the idea of using round prim boxes and mod podging printer copies of samplers on them, it was so neat looking, but it was just another idea that I pinned onto one of my boards for a later date. UNTIL, I was down in the basement again and came across these three Christmas boxes that were in the yardsale pile(yes this pile is huge and my basement is like my own store, LOL!). My mom had given them to me years ago and they just aren't my style, a little too country cute for me, but the boxes were in perfect shape....

First step, paint them. I went with three prim colors, black, a mixed tan(which is more mustard like in real life), and brown(from the chocolate bunny). I was afraid to sand them because I didn't want the Christmas colors coming through, but I think they are fine without it.
Next step... Look for some samplers that I could copy and print. Needed to be long and on the thin side. I found some in Primitive Betty's Etsy store(go check out her gorgeous work). After finding them, I emailed Betty and asked her for permission to use them. She was very sweet and told me to go for it. You can check out her blog HERE. Thank You Betty!!!

And here is how they turned out! I love them!! And it was a totally free project :)
I did have to cut the samplers down a bit after I printed them out, the top one had to be cut in half to fit the box, but I think they worked out well. After mod podging, I rubbed some acrylic stain on them to age them more and then mod podged the whole box and lid. I only had the shiny type, so next time I would use the matt finish.
Sally was soaking up the sun in her basket in this pic. I put the boxes in this spot to take the photos, I wasn't sure where there were going to end up, but I think they work well here, at least for now.
Yesterday, we only had small patches of snow left on the ground and this morning we woke up to this! No school today, which the kids are happy about(so am I!).

It's coming down pretty good and we are expected to get up to 10". So with a broken snow blower, you know what I will be doing this afternoon... getting lots of activity points for WW!!!
Wondering what the thing was yesterday? I'm not a 100% sure, but I think it is a tool used for making braided rugs. It came in a bag that was marked "tools for rug making" and there were the 3 metal things that you put the wool in to rug braid. So I'm guessing that this thing some how holds the ends as you start to braid. But I could totally be wrong! Hubby thinks it is a nutcracker :)

Happy Pinning,



  1. Awesome job on those boxes!!!
    I think I'm going to try to make some too. :)
    They turned out Fabulous.

    So is pretty but I am so happy we havent gotten any thing year.


  2. The boxes finished up very nicely :-)

  3. Cute Boxes!

    I thought it was a nutcracker too. lol!

    Carmen and the Primcats

  4. The boxes look great,you can always win me over with boxes,I just love them,small large any size,love them

  5. I've done a few Pinterest projects, fun times!! Love the snow, at least someone is getting a winter, 70 here today, I'm not complaining!! lol

  6. Nice job with the boxes! I have an old hat box that I don't love the design, but I can't get rid of it-maybe I will revamp it:)

  7. Great job on the boxes..They are awesome..Keep warm with that weather up there..Don't shovel too much snow..LOL


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