Monday, December 10, 2012

Halfway There!!

Last week was a very busy week, preparing for this week. I have lots of pictures to share of the house decorated for Christmas, but that will have to wait until next week when I have normal internet connection again.   Right now I'm posting from a KOA outside of Fredericksburg, VA.  We are about half way to Parris Island, SC.  We are headed to my oldest son's graduation from the Marine boot camp!  Saturday he officially became a Marine after making it through 54 hours of the Crucible, but he doesn't actually graduate until this coming Friday.
We were getting a bit worried because we hadn't received a letter from him in almost 2 weeks(though his last one did say that he was going to be very busy).  Then  yesterday(Sunday), we were outside working on the Christmas lights' timer and my 12 yr old comes running out of the house with the phone in his hand saying that it was Cameron.  Now, we were anticipating this call because we knew after he became a Marine on Saturday that he would get his first Liberty on Sunday and would have some on base freedoms(he at subway, go to the bowling alley, socialize, and make phone calls home for the first time in 12 weeks).  However, I was totally unprepared for the huge emotions that would overcome me at that moment. My son handed me the phone, but I couldn't speak and the tears started to flow, I had to hand the phone to hubby.  After a few minutes I was able to speak and I was so happy to hear his voice.  He sounded good and told me all about the crucible and how he is looking forward to seeing all of us.  He said he may be able to see us on Wednesday during our tour, but if not, we have him for the day on Thursday for Family day, then after graduation on Friday we get to bring him home.  Because of the holidays, he gets longer than the normal 10 day leave, so he will be with us until Jan. 3rd!!!

I'll try to post from the campground on the base(we get to stay right on Parris Island) and share some pics of graduation.

Thank you all for the sweet responses to my gingerbread party, it really was a nice time and you all should throw one next year for you family and friends :)

Proud mommy,


  1. Have a safe trip, Congrats to Cameron!! Congrats to you and hubby for raising a fine young man!! Janie

  2. Have a safe trip, Congrats to Cameron!! Congrats to you and hubby for raising a fine young man!! Janie

  3. Have a safe trip and congratulations on raising such a fine young man..
    Enjoy your visit..

  4. TIFF WHAT A BETTER CHRISTMAS GIFT THAN THIS....I can feel your emotion. I would be feeling the same way.
    Enjoy your time with him. And congratulations to him for this journey and success.

  5. I remember those days, when my son was in the Marines! Congrats!!!

  6. I remember Family Day and the Marine graduation too! One of the proudest days! How lucky you are right on base at the camp ground! As I recall, they can't leave base on family day. Congrats to your Marine, and enjoy!!

  7. Congratulations to proud you all must be,and rightly so.
    Have a safe trip,and enjoy your time with Cameron and the rest of your family.
    Laura xx

  8. Tiff have a safe trip!Congrats to Cameron!I know that you are so proud of him.Hugs,Jen

  9. I remember praying every single day through The Crucible for my son ! Our trip to Parris Island was in June of 2011 and he has been on deployment since March of 2012...9 agonizing months with very sparse communication since the ships post office was "down" for quite awhile. Praise the Lord we just got word he's on his way home and will be flying out of Camp LeJeune on Dec 22nd and heading home to Mama !!! Hold him tight Tiff but just remember he will be soooooo much more mature when you see him. One piece of advice I hope you will take....they offer a free 1 day class for families where you learn about, well, everything "Marine" and I got more info from that one class than on every other site, blog, person etc...I only signed up for me me and his girlfriend but I wish the whole family had taken it...Besides, its during a time whe you cant be with your son anyway ! Oh and resist the urge to buy any "Parris Island" clothing...wait till he gets to his duty location...its cheaper and you will probably never wear the PI stuff again. Well, I am sorry to butt in with so much advice...if you ever want to chat or needs ANY info please let me know. The good news with my son is that he's ALL MARINE when that uniform is on but the second he takes it off he is my goofy son ! And, they CAN maintain being Christina young men but it takes a LOT of determination...his buddies are , well, I just hope they dont kiss their mam's with those mounths but even my sons friends say he's the "good kid" and the designated driver etc...gosh its hard being a mom are all in my prayers Tiff and I will pray your trip goes off without a hitch ! Enjoy every single minute with your son and take lots of pictures... OK, I will let you go...Merry Christmas


  10. Have a safe trip Tiff. Congrats to your son.


  11. Oh how fantastic! Reading about you tearing up made me tear up! I think there are no words that can describe what it is like being a mother, but you made me feel them just now.
    Congrats and I hope your time with your son is wonderful.

  12. Tiff, congratulations to Cameron and his proud family! I am finally able to be on a working computer. I've missed you!!!

  13. Sigh. OK, I might have a computer but I obviously can't get it together. This is actually me and not Gill leaving comments, lol.


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