Friday, April 5, 2013

Up in the air....

 Bloom where you are planted. I'm sure you heard that saying before. What do you think of it? Generally, I've always thought of it as a nice way to look at life. What ever your circumstances are and where ever you may be, try to grow and be the best that you can be.  But what do you do when you feel like an unwanted dandelion weed puff floating aimlessly through the air?
  Hope and pray you find a beautiful open meadow that will welcome another wild flower, I guess.
I feel like that puff, hitched on a breeze, not certain of my course, not enjoying the view, and no idea where I will land.  I suppose that is life though, ups and downs and we just have to keep chugging along. Hoping that I spot that meadow to land in very soon.



  1. Sending prayers of blessing your way!

  2. You are wanted and loved
    As for where you will land and grow - I don't know but I know I will be there

    - DH

  3. Tiff,
    Youre always in my prayers.
    I know all to well what you are feeling.
    The uncertain, living in limbo, is the worst.
    There are some days I dont think I can take one more second of it.
    Here's hoping and Praying we both find our paths Soon!

  4. Thinking of you Tiff,I know you have had it pretty rough for a while now.
    Keep going,your beautiful meadow is waiting for you.xx

  5. Tiff
    I can sure relate to how you're feeling.
    I find myself at a crossroads and which
    path do I chose.
    I will pray for you and for guidance.

  6. Not an easy way to live.
    Oh it sounds so good, just do it.
    Life is hard to figure out sometimes.
    Just one day at a time is all that is

  7. Praying God guides you to your meadow..

  8. Oh Tiff, I am sorry you are feeling that way. I think I understand though. I call those ups and downs my 'spiritual and emotional cycles.' Sometimes life is great and I am riding that cycle to the very top and and wonder how in the world I can feel that life is not perfect all the time. Then I cycle down and get in a slump, hit the bottom of the cycle and wish that I could feel and be on the high of the cycle again.
    That cycle will swing back up again, I promise it will if you just keep chugging along and doing what you know you should be doing - sending up prayers, searching the scriptures, and being sweet and generous when you really don't feel like it.
    You are a beautiful flower and that pretty garden with delicious soil is just waiting for you to land and flourish. I wish you the best on your way back up to the top of your cycle. That is where you love to be and where you deserve to be. I know things will work out - they always do.

  9. Aw, praying for you. Hoping what you think is a dandelion seed will soon find a beautiful meadow and blossom into a more beautiful flower than you ever imagined.


  10. Hope all is well and you will be back to posting soon.


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