Saturday, May 18, 2013

Prom 2013

My oldest daughter is at her Senior Prom tonight. Hard to believe that she is 18 already and will be graduating in 3 weeks.   She is a beautiful and talented young woman who has is looking forward to entering MECA(Maine College of Art) in the fall.

 Her date is just a friend, they aren't dating or anything.  He asked her to prom by writing a song, singing it, and emailing it to her...very sweet :)  She actually had several invitations, but she chose his.

I hope she has a lovely evening.



  1. Stunning young lady,and I love her gown.Hope they had a lovely time.Another one leaving the nest Tiff.xx

  2. Gorgeous!!! How wonderful! She should have a good time.
    She looks all grown up. I know we moms don't like to hear
    that. Have a great Sunday. Blessings~Sara

  3. She's Beautiful, MECA is a great college she will do well, had 2 friends go there years ago and both are successful in the arts.


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