Monday, June 10, 2013

2 Down and 5 To Go....

Yep... we have successfully raised another wonderful child and survived her graduation :) 

Yesterday, June 9th, my oldest daughter, Samantha graduated from high school, Magna Cume Laude.  We are so very proud of her and know she has a bright future ahead of her. She still isn't sure exactly what she wants to be, but she will be attending Maine College of Art in the Fall and I'm sure she will find  her niche there.

Here she is with one of her good friends who she chose to be her marching partner for the graduation.  I learned a good lesson yesterday.... LEARN your new camera before taking it to a major many pictures I wanted are just a blurry mess :(

 She is very happy to be done with high school and get on with her life.
 I thought this picture was cute... she was letting people pass by as we were taking pictures. It shows how happy she was.
 The munchkins... minus Cameron. He couldn't get make it out from training in Arizona.
 Family picture.
 My parents and Samantha.
 All of us...
 The little boys...
 And I couldn't resist throwing this one in...
I tend to stress over things, but yesterday morning at church I decided to just let it go and not worry about trying to find parking in downtown Portland during the Old Port Festival, waiting in line for forever, not getting good seats or having to sit way up in the nose bleed balcony section, or if the weather would be nice. It just isn't worth it to stress over the little things and I decided to just go with the flow... so what if we had to walk forever, or if the seats weren't perfect... we were there for a celebration.  Well, guess what... we found parking super close with easy in and out, the wait in line went fast and the weather was absolutely perfect, and we got awesome worries! It was a great day and Samantha had a wonderful night at Project Graduation(an organized event through the school to keep kids safe on graduation night).

People tell you when they are little how fast they grow, but you don't really listen. Then one day you find yourself with two grown children and you aren't sure where the time has's all bittersweet but I wouldn't change a thing because we now have two wonderful adult children.

Happy Summer everyone!!



  1. Congratulations Samatha!!
    Wishing her only the best in the journey ahead.
    I completely agree, they grow up so fast, Too Fast!
    All my babies are grown up.
    My baby graduated last month.
    Congratulations again to your beautiful daughter.
    *Loved the family photo!

  2. Good morning Tiff...oh how wonderful and what a beautiful daughter!!!
    Your entire family is very handsome!!! Congratulations to her (and you!)
    I love that you 'let things go'....sometimes that's how surprises happen and it did! Worked out perfect.

  3. So nice to see a shot of you and the family together, you look great and the kids have grown so much! Congrats to your beautiful daughter!

  4. Congrats! you must be so proud!

  5. What great pics, the family pics. Congrats Samantha and all the best at Art School!

  6. Lovely pics Tiff,beautiful family.Congratulations to Samantha.xx

  7. Great Photos! Good looking crew! Congrats to Samantha and her wonderful parents as well!!

  8. Congrats to Samantha. Thanks for sharing :)

  9. Hi Tiff, First congrats to your daughter, I found your blog by searching for camper pictures, we have a camper that is in a ugly time warp and we are going to redo the inside due to the previous owner had 2 windows that leaked and instead of fixing them he let it go for three years, so the floor rotted.
    I saw your camper redo and was amazed at the change it gave me some good plans to start. I have being reading other post you have on decorating. I have a blog but have not posted since Dec 2011 I need to get back into it because of finding so many ideals.


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