Friday, June 28, 2013

Finished Pot Holder Quilt...

Remember the pot holder quilt class I took back in February?  Well, I finally finished the quilt at the end of May.  It's 24 blocks but it really needs to be 30 blocks. Someday I will add 6 more, but for now it makes a nice warm throw for the couch in the family room.
 To hurry up and get it done, I cheated and used some let over quilt fabric from the wing back chair that I slipcovered.
 Here is the back, which I like just as much.  I am actually thinking of making a whole bed quilt like this... solid color squares with different color bindings(or maybe even the same color binding throughout).
 Instead of whip stitching each block together by hand, I sewed them flat(side by side) together with a decorative stitch on my machine, easy peasy!
 I love how it turned out :)
It's rainy here today, a good day for cleaning.

Happy thoughts to you,



  1. Love your quilt. I have never seen a potholder quilt before. As always you do beautiful work !

  2. It's beautiful Tiff,and a great idea.I would like to make one myself now,and practice my FMQ.x

  3. Beautiful!!! Wish I knew how to quilt better!!


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