Thursday, January 29, 2015

Blizzard Quilt...

Thank you all for the love of my last post :)  We are very happy and excited!

The kids had Tuesday and Wednesday as snow days, and we were all hunkered down in the house nice and cozy.  I decided it was time to make another quilt. A nice and light colored Spring/Summer quilt to hang on the family room wall.  This was not going to be a two day quilt, but I did expect to finish it up today. (it has lots of machine quilting on it, which is taking awhile). Unfortunately, that will not be happening:(   Last night, when I went to pay our neighbor for plowing our driveway, I slipped on ice and fell down about 6 wood stairs by his front door.  It hurt so bad and I was in tears. I mainly got my left side, my ankle, thigh, and butt. And now I have a huge lump on my left "cheek". It hurts to walk and I can't sit on it.  So I won't be completing my quilt today. No way I can sit and sew.

Here is a peek of it from yesterday morning.  I took my inspiration from the Suburbs quilt by Allison Harris over at Cluck Cluck Sew.  

And I'm sure you all are sick of snow pics, but here are a few from me....

We are expected to have 4 to 8" more tomorrow, it will be a really short week if we have another snow day!

With love,



  1. Your quilt is going to be so pretty! I am sorry to hear about your fall! Take it easy :)

  2. Ouch,poor you .hope you soon feel better,best stay in the warm.your quilt looks lovely.xx

  3. Nice quilt, and hope you feel better. We r un Mass and more snow on the way too...

    Stay warm and safe, Janie

  4. Tiff,
    I missed your last post. Congrats to you!!!
    We have not had a good storm this year which is fine by me. Sorry about your fall. When I fell before Thanksgiving, I ended up with staples in my head and thankfully only a sprained wrist. A couple days ago I fell again but was not hurt. I hope you heal quickly.
    Hugs :)

  5. Oh my that is terrible! I also live in Maine. I have fallen 5 times this week. I am just sore. I went looking for a new massage chair today. I can't find one! My husband fell twice and had a x-ray on his elbow. Thank goodness nothing broken. Last year he fell and had two broken wrists! I hope you feel better. Your in my thoughts. Going in the shower and let the hot water relax my ache muscles.

  6. Glad to here your OK from your fall.
    Yep, that is A LOT of snow! We have close to nothing here, it's unbelievable. The quilt is looking great!
    Congrats on the new addition coming in August!


  7. Afternoon Tiff - well CONGRATULATIONS on the upcoming new addition. Sending my prayers for a wonderful next few months.
    I love the colors in your quilt - nice and Springy.
    I sure hope you heal fast from your fall.

  8. Hi Tiff - Congratulations on your wonderful news! You are certainly in my prayers and also hope that you recover quickly from your fall!! Also like your quilt - very pretty!!

  9. The colors on your quilt are pretty, and very springy and cheerful!

    I'm soooo sad to hear you fell like that, how awful! :( Praying for you to recover quickly, and that all is well.

    We don't get snow where we live at the moment, so post all you want. LOL

    Gentle hugs from afar~Jessica

  10. be healed in Jesus' Name. I plead the blood of Jesus over you.


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