Tuesday, February 10, 2015

5th Birthday!!

Sunday was Mason's 5th birthday!!  I can't believe he is 5 already and will be starting kindergarten in the fall!  

He is the sweetest and most percocious little boy.  He's witty and snarky and so full of energy. He's also compassionate and cuddly and adores all his older siblings :)  He's my "little boy" I love him dearly.

He never wants a cake for his birthday, only cupcakes, so that is what he gets. This year they were brownie bottom chocolate cupcakes, yummm.

One of his favorite presents... an old fashioned blow up punching bag. (sorry for the sideways pic)

Also love the Hess truck from nana and grandpa...

He asked to go to the movies for his birthday, and unfortunately he wanted to see Spongebob.  That was one of the top 5 worst movies I have ever had to sit through!!   But he was happy and that is what matters :)

Time needs to slow down a bit, they are all getting way too big and old way too fast!!



  1. Happy Birthday Mason.
    Love, Asa (and all of us :D )

  2. Happy 5th Bday to the little guy. I found your blog through Sarah (makin' projects). We both live in Missouri. I've only read a few of your post, (not enough time in the day) but in at lest 2 pictures I see a cute little white camper under a hutch. Looks like our real life camper from what I can see.

    Congratulation on baby #8!!

  3. Happy, happy birthday to sweet Mason.
    I took my grandson to see SpongeBob. He loved it. I didn't understand it. I had no idea SB lived on the ocean in Bikini Bottom and that he worked at the Crabby Shak or whatever it was
    Hugs :)

  4. So special! I loved the blowup punching bag!
    Happy birthday!
    Be blessed,

  5. HAPPY birthday Mason! Gosh, I remember when he was born, time soars!!!

  6. Your son is really cute dear. I wish him a long and healthy life. It is my son’s birthday this week and I am planning a party for him, for that I am looking for party halls in Bay area to celebrate.


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