Friday, February 27, 2015

Stairway Hall....Simplified Mini Makeover

I don't know if it is a long hard winter, or the fact that we have been in this house for 8 and half years(the longest I have ever lived in one house in my entire life), but I'm sick and tired of Stuff!!  I want to go through and declutter, simplify, and organize the whole house.  It's a bit hard in winter, because I know it will be months before I can have a yard sale, but I'm starting off with small projects. The first was the stairway hall, which I did last week.

I moved the 3 bee pictures that I painted from the stairway and hung them at the top of the upstairs hallway.  I then gathered all the pictures from around the house and made a gallery wall on the stairwell.  I like the look of it and plan on adding more as I get things framed.

Relocating pictures, freed up up the wall above the piesafe in the hall, so I painted an old mirror that I found for $5 white and hung it there.  I also painted the top of the pie safe white(the whole thing really needs to be painted, but that is a lot of work!).  And took some stuff down from the beadboard wall on the right side.

And while I had the paint out, the dog kennel bench got a new coat of white too.  I took town all the prim Americana too and left things very simple.

I replaced the crow lampshade with a plain white one I had and it gave me the look I was after...

Filled the basket on the door with some Spring flowers(a girl can dream, right?)...

The small lamp adds a nice glow to the area at night...

It's very simple and clean to the eye, and that is how I am trying to go with the house for right now.
My next work in progress is the laundry room, and the familyroom(rearranged it the other day, but I'm still not sure about it).

Happy Friday!!



  1. Absolutely LOVE your stairwell "gallery"! So good to have you blogging are one of the sweetest ladies in blogland.

    Have a very, very lovely day,

  2. Love the stairwell gallery!!!!! Do u think u might consider having an online blog sale for some of the small stuff u no longer want? I love to decorate in the same style so always have my eyes out to add to my stuff. lol

    Have a great weekend, Janie

  3. That dog kennel bench is very clever! I like the changes you are making, too. Very pretty.


  4. Tiff,
    I just love your photo gallery!
    It's snowing again in Ohio...sigh...but still nothing like you've gotten.
    Stay warm :)

  5. Love the gallery, really catches the eye!


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