Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Christmas Decor and House tour Part 2...

Well, again, I wasn't able to get on to post until this evening and with the way blogger does photos, it takes me forever to get a picture post done. Plus, I'm not a blogger expert so the only way I know how to do pics is to load them backwards and then that makes editing horrible, so sorry if there are repeat pics.

Today is the front foyer and the kitchen. Here is the cow in my kitchen window over my sink.
Looking into my kitchen from the mudroom.
A blurry pic of the upper cupboards lit up with lights.
This is the corner where my Big Cookie cutter tree was supposed to be. And it was for a few a days. I modified it and didn't put the back branches on it so that it would squeeze into the corner. Then I put candle lights on it and my collection of kitchen ware(as seen in photo), along with my cookie cutters. It looked cute, but not totally to my liking. And I'm the kind of person who will decorate and totally strip a tree 2 or 3 times if I don't like the way it looks. So I left it for 2 days, but realized it needed more lights. I go to add the lights and as I'm doing it, the tree topples over on me! Spilling half the ornaments. Ok, so I set it back up and strip everything off it. I go to put more lights on it, and only half of them would work and I used all my other strands on other things around the inside and outside of the house. And I wasn't buying more this year. That was the last straw with the tree and I took the whole thing down. So no cookie cutter tree this year and I'm fine with it. One less thing to put away in January.
Here is a pic of my non traditional curtain rod, I will use almost anything if I find it interesting.
Another view from the mudroom.
Looking at the other end of the kitchen from the family room side.
Looking out the kitchen window towards the back of the house.
Here is the old farm screen door that I salvaged from an old barn, it hangs in the archway between my kitchen and my dining room, which isn't a dining room anymore, it's my craft room.
Built in hutch on one side of my kitchen.
Remember that big furkin I got at goodwill, I painted it and primmed(it's the one on the bottom). I like the way the simple tree looks sitting in this spot.
Hutch in my kitchen.
Another view of the kitchen, I think this may be a repeat, sorry.
Another view. That tree on the counter is going to be filled with gingerbreadman ornaments as soon as I make a batch. I have to keep my island fairly clear because we use it a lot.
Another view.
I made this gingerbread advent calendar last year, she hangs on my pantry door.

I painted that cupboard in the corner white a few years ago, but soon it will go black or barn red.
Stove area. I need to make a wood stove cover, I love the look of them.

This is the middle of the built in cupboard.

another view.
Another view. I hung the metal ware in the corner after the tree came down, just to fill the space.
Built in area.
I bought this greenery with berries this year at the Mustard House in Buxton, it's one of the few Christmas things I bought this year.
Shelf above the screen door.
My dead duck that my kids tease me about. I bought it years ago off of ebay. Nobody likes it but me!
Sign above the archway to my family room.
Another one of my Christmas cacti that are already in full bloom. This one likes my kitchen window.
Now the front foyer. This is the main front door of the house, but nobody uses it but the dog, everyone enters through the porch/mudroom door. Here is the dog kennel bench my dad built 9 yrs ago.
Top of the bench.
Stocking and wreath on the door.
The front door. I hate the light fixture, but haven't found a bargain to change it out yet.
Another view of the hallway, this time during the daylight.
Little hutch above pie safe.
Another view. I finally hung the wood game boards I got at goodwill this past summer.
Quilt rack in the hallway, opposite the pie safe. The wall is actually faux, it is a big archway between the hallway and the dining room, but my dad closed it off for me with beadboard so I could have my craft room.

View with the stairs.
Looking up the stairs. Someday the risers will be covered with rug hookings.
And that's it for tonight. Tomorrow will be the mudroom, downstairs bath, and outside. I'm not totally happy with the way my craft room looks at the moment, so it may be awhile before I share pics of it.

Have a fantastic evening,



  1. Thanks for sharing Tiff, Your home is great!!! Love all your decorating. Looking forward to the rest of the home. Have a great night, Janie

  2. WOW!!! I love your kitchen, so many cool and interesting things and ideas!!! Try Live Writer, you can actually drag and drop pics (but I haven't figured out how to move them, but you can easily delete and put back on).. it's not a perfect program but works 100x better than blogger!! Let me know if you need help.. post on my blog, thanks! :D

  3. Love your decorating Tiff! It's so warm and cozy and I would have given up on the tree way long before you
    everything is beautiful.

    I USE LIVE WRITER it and use will wonder what took you so long to do it and it's sooooo easy.

  4. Okay, I can't believe that little cupboard that you got from GW. I can't believe that it is the same style and colors as the one I just got from Craigslist. It looks great!! I love your kitchen chandelier. Your house is really nice! Kim the prim schoolmarm

  5. You have a talent, indeed! Love it all, your home is very nice!

  6. It all looks lovely, but my favorite part.... the dead duck.

  7. Perfect! I love seeing that there are other people who like to have LOTS of stuff. Minimilism is sooooo overrated :)

  8. Just beautiful,love it all.Linda from Maine.


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