Saturday, December 26, 2009

Just call me Scrooge...

Much to the dismay of my family, I took down all the Christmas decorations today. Well, not just me, I made them all help too. I have never done it this early in my whole married life. It's not that I don't love Christmas time, it's just that I'm in a mental and physicall race of time. I have 6 weeks or less until Mason arrives, my csection date is Feb.8th, but he could decide to come before then. And I'm sure a lot of you know how the nesting phase can make an almost sane woman a total nutcase, well, I'm at that point! I want the house perfect and easy to manage, so the decorations had to go sooner than later. Is that Scroogey of me?

I also want to get my sewing room redone again, I'm not happy with it. I realize it is not "pretty" and homey, so I don't like it. So that is another thing on my list in the next few weeks, along with decluttering every room in the house, catching up on the laundry, making some baby clothes, making the baby bedding, getting everything ready for the baby, and making lots of lists for the hubby and kids. I'm starting to panic, can you tell?

On a happy note, my middle sister sent the kids a huge goodie basket for Christmas(didn't get a pic of it before they tore into it), and for hubby and me an azaela plant and a martha stewart gift basket filled with stonewall kitchen breakfast goodies. I'm in love with this basket and plan on making it into a sewing basket. Thank you Shelly and Grafton!!!

As you are all probably aware of, I am shamefully bad at responding to comments and I do apologize for that. So I plan on making a question and answer post soon where I will answer comments questions and you can ask me anything else you want.

I'll keep you updated on the nesting progress :) I'm just happy at the moment we managed to get all the decorations down(including the huge glass ornament tree) and put away nice and neat in the basement. It's amazing what can be accomplished when everyone helps and a psycho momma is on the loose!



  1. Don't feel like Scrooge - I took my tree and decorations down today too, and I am not "nesting" just ready to move ahead! :) Can't wait to see pics of your sewing room, you have such a beautiful home.

  2. No no Tiff, you're not a scrooge. I already changed my blog away from its' Christmas theme. Even went back to a two column layout. I was just ready for something simpler. When I was a psycho momma, a lot was accomplished around our home too, inside and out. So don't feel bad... to each his or her own. Wishes for a Happy New Year! Carol

  3. Since I've had my decorations up since November 1st., all mine came down yesterday also, LOL. So I guess I'm a Scrooge too,,I'm SO ready to get my house organized, start getting to some projects that have been on the back burner...Now for the next few days it will be organizing all the Christmas bins and starting making vignettes around the home. Blessing.

  4. i love your basket. that's beautiful. you sound like you're due about the same time as my daughter. her due date isfeb.10 but because of gestational diabetes they induce at 39 weeks. she's have a girl to be named Madison Grace. congratilations!!!

  5. I definitely couldn't call you Scrooge, since I never even put anything at ALL up for Christmas this year! Hubby put lights up on the outside of the house, but there was absolutely nothing inside except some gingerbread houses that my married kids came over to do one night. Just so you know, this has never happened before, and I seriously doubt it will ever happen again - so no worries!

  6. I completely understand. I've taken mine down the day after Christmas some years, and left it up until New Years day other years. Mine will come down sometime this week.

  7. Wow Tiff, how wonderful the baby will be coming soon - I forgot you were expecting!
    What a beautiful family picture of the kids on the stairs in the post below. I haven't been here in a couple weeks I guess!
    I think if I were in your situation I would be doing the same thing with the decorations. COMPLETELY UNDERSTANDABLE.
    Good luck kiddo.

  8. Sounds like a good plan to me! I'm in the process of taking all my Christmas stuff down too, just want a fresh start to the New Year! Can't wait to see what you do to the sewing room. I love the name Mason too!


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