Friday, April 30, 2010

New Table Top and Stove Board...

I thought I would give you a break from thrifting posts and share with you two projects my dad did for me. The first is a new table top for my kitchen table. It lengthened my table by a whole foot(so now it's 9' long) and it gave it the wood top that I wanted instead of the painted black top. I did paint the legs black though. And it will age nicely over time, after all, kids don't hurt country furniture, they only enhance it.
And that is the dough bowl, now painted black sitting on the table.
And here is the huge dough/stove board that my dad made. My dad had never seen one and kind of misunderstood me about the dimensions, so instead of sitting on my stove top, it completely covers it. But that is totally fine and I love it! And there is Mr. piggy from one of my previous posts.
He even built the board to sit on the counter on each side so that it is slightly raised off the stove, just in case I put it back on before the stove is completely cool, which makes it a bit safer.
Have a great weekend everyone!!



  1. Great looking table and stove board. I really love that table.

  2. I am in love with your a big farmhouse the stove cover and the sides are ingenious.:)

  3. How lucky you are to have such a handy guy. I love the safety measure with the stove board as I have burned the burner covers once in a while on my electric stove.

    As usual, everything is so very nice in your house!

  4. Wow, love the new table top and the red chairs. Your stove board looks great. What a great dad!!!
    Love all your thrifting finds too. have a great weekend. janie

  5. AMAZING!!!!!!!! Everything looks great. Your dad did a wonderful job on the stove board. I am forbidden from having one for the very reason that I may accidentally forget and put it on the hot stove(it is a smooth top). Your home looks so warm and inviting.

  6. I think your dad did a fabulous job on your table top and stove board. They both look perfect to me!Lucky you for having such a talented dad!! Thanks for sharing.

  7. Hi Tiff,
    Everything looks great.
    Love al your new goodies.
    Hope you are having a great weekend so far.
    Take Care,

  8. You are so blessed to have a daddy making you things...It looks great. And I love the color combo on your "New" table. I think my daughter is going to paint her Craigs List find the same way. and are so can't ruin tables...My husband never wanted me to use a tablecloth cause all the scars and scratches made years ago remind him today how nice it was when we were all squeezed around the table every evening. Our 6 foot table regularly held 10 and still does when the kids come home!!! Our favorite time ever!

  9. what an awesome idea to have a new table top built - its gorgeous!! And, I love your stove cover - I have one I got today from my friend Linda, I'll post pics later :)

  10. Your dad works really nice :) I love the color of stain you chose. What a perfect table for your ever growing family ;)

  11. I have a name "Thriftiques". What do you think? Please remember it is still hush hush.


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