Wednesday, January 26, 2011

My Son Knows Me Well....

When my parents were here in October, my dad built my younger boys a huge(16' x 6') train table in our basement. He brought all his LGB trains for them too. He set the whole thing up with three tracks running and the controls mounted below. The boys liked it and it was thoughtful of him, but it took up so much play space in the basement playroom that it was becoming a negative thing. Plus, there is really only so many times you can watch a train go around in a circle. And I know my dad was anxious about the boys breaking the trains, but my mom wanted them out of the house, so that is really why I think they ended up at our house :)

Well, after much thought, we carefully untacked all the train track and packed away the 4 train sets. We haven't told my dad about this yet. BUT, it's not like the table is being wasted. My boys have turned it into something much more useful. Instead of the small 3'x6' old kitchen table they were using in the playroom as a lego table, they now have a massive table to build their ever growing lego village!!! They LOVE it and it is getting used on a daily basis. We will break the news to my dad the next time they visit us.

Here is the whole village. I still need to make a fabric skirt for the table to hide all the toys being stored underneath.

Yesterday, my 10 yr old son called me down to show me what he had just made. I couldn't help but giggle and think to myself that he knows me well and he knows and sees how much his daddy tries to please me, imitating life. He shows me this knew vehicle that he just built for his "lego wife". It's her new truck with a removable snow plow(I enjoy snowblowing our driveway). He tells me in the summer she can use it to go junking and yardsaling to collect things for her antique shop. Which he then shows me the shop he built for this lucky plastic little wife. I thought it was so sweet and he actually put a lot of thought into it. I just love legos!
Here is pic of the lake area, we need to buy some more blue paint to finish it.
Thank you all for the advice on the eye twitch. It seems to be getting worse and is really bothering me, which probably is making it worse because I'm stressing about it. Luckily you can't really see it if you are looking at me, but I feel it and I feel like Egor sometimes when I'm talking to people. I know they don't notice it, but I can feel it and it makes me self conscience. The potassium thing is interesting, but unfortunately I am severely allergic to latex, so I avoid bananas, but I am taking a multi vitamin for nursing moms. I may have to try that calming tea, I have had celestial seasons teas before and I really like them. Hopefully this twitch will go away soon. Maybe I should try some meditation and yoga? WII here I come :)

Have a fantastic day,



  1. I think it's great! Don't you just love legos? I miss those days! What a sweet boy, it just shows how in tune he is with his momma!
    I hope you will try the tea, I think you will find it helps, I didn't think about the fact that you are still nursing Mason, I don't know how the Valerian would interfere with that, but in the future, you at least know you can try it.
    Hang in there, sending you hugs!

  2. How adorable. Yes your boys do know their mom. Honestly, I would have been giving them big hugs and making chocolate cookies for that.... I agree, the lego table is more usable. Why not do the train theme in the boys bedrooms and put the track high up on a shelf around the whole room. There is a restaurant that has a moving train just like that. Just an idea.

  3. Margie @ Hungry Hook PrimitivesJanuary 27, 2011 at 12:38 AM

    Oh my Tiff, enjoy every second because they do grow up sooo fast. My baby boy just joined the Marines and leaves home in March..YIKES. By the way...I LOVE YOUR BLOG...


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