Monday, January 24, 2011

Squirrels for Valentine's Day...

My squirrels went in the mail today and I am so glad they are finally done and on their way. I have had such a creative block with this Valentine swap that it was getting ridiculous. I made at least 5 other things that I ended up rejecting. These little guys were a last ditch effort. I think they are OK, not great, but like I said, I was just stumped. I had ideas in my head for things, but when I went to make them, they just didn't turn out right.

I packaged them up nicely, does that help?
I think I just need a good night's sleep. And for the last week or so, I have had an annoying eyelid twitch. I'm assuming it is because of the lack of sleep and the stress that comes from it. I just hopes it goes away soon.

Stay warm, it's coooollllllddddd here!!!



  1. Tiffany,
    I have had those eyelid twitches from stress. Do you like to drink tea at all? Sometimes, I'll do two things if I have trouble sleeping, which I don't sleep long anyhow, but I will drink Celestial Seasons Sleepy time tea, or there is also a natural herb you can take called Valerian, it really works! I'll take them about 1 hour before bedtime, they do make a difference.
    Please take care of yourself hon!
    I think your squirrels turned out just fine!

  2. I think the squirrels are cute and yes they are packaged beautifully! Now about the twitch - I have friends that make fun of me for this but eat some banana's (was told once when you eyelids twitch you are lacking potassium) - works for me and a few friends - worht a try! LOL

  3. Your squirrels are adorable. Your packaging is divine too. PS. I'm also part of Sarah's exchange and I stressed BIG time about my project.

  4. Tiff ~
    I'm sure the squirrels will be well received and the packaging really sets them off.
    I hope the twitches get better so you can sleep!
    Hugs :)

  5. What no tutorial on how to make them..... Is that tin? Please show us, I think they are cute. When we were talking, there were no twitches. See you were in a calming place....Goodwill.

  6. Hi Tiff:) My Tiffany gets those twitches too and they're definitely from stress, so try to relax.
    I think your squirrels are perfect and special since you made them:)

  7. I LOVE your squirrel Valentines! Your very clever!


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