Saturday, January 22, 2011

Quilt for a New Baby...

This wall/doll quilt is heading to the mail box on Monday to be sent with my Valentines for the swap over at Makin Proiks. Sarah had her sweet baby Samantha a week and half ago and this quilt is long over due. I had hoped to have it made and sent to her months ago, but time seemed to slip away from me and I just completed it yesterday. I'm quite happy with how it turned out and after the little birds were hand appliqued on, the rest whipped up rather quickly. Even the binding went on smoothly for me, I hand stitch it on and I had no issues with wonkyness or puckering. I just hope she is still hanging these in the nursery like she had planned. If not, baby Samantha will have a quilt for her dollies.

I used reproduction prints that I have been stashing away for quite awhile.
I'm finally remembering to label my quilts. This time I stitched the label.
Have a lovely weekend,



  1. Oh my gosh what a beautiful quilt! I am in awe of all the things you do. I'm sure she will LOVE it!!

  2. Tiff you did a wonderful job on it..and I love the fabric;) Samantha will love it;)

  3. Oh Tiff! It's gorgeous. And yes, they are still going up on the wall. She kind of came fast and furiously and I wasn't "quite" done with everything in her room yet! Ha.

  4. Lovely, what a sweet treasure! Tiff, you just amaze me!

  5. The quilt is adorable. How do you have the patience to embroider all that, the name and date. I am so glad I ran into you and on Sunday at Hannaford, I ran into my cousin, a similar situation of being out of touch. So it was a good weekend. By the way the pin watch isn't a real working watch but I do have one that is similar and working. I think I had just put it out so I don't know if you saw it yet. Just in case I will set it aside for you to see if you like next Saturday for my "Pinkalicious". I just love saying that.

  6. That is precious! What a sweet gift!


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