Friday, August 5, 2011

Friday Fun... Find, Books, and Butterfly!

I hope everyone has had a nice week, I got things accomplished, but not nearly as much as I would have liked(isn't that always the way).
So for today's Friday Fun, I'm sharing with you a hutch top that I picked up at GW, with my discount it was $11, a bit more than I would normally want to spend on such a thing(especially since it didn't have a bottom), but it was the perfect thing for a project in my sewing room and I could envision it all done. Here is the before... I have since painted it and it is now in place in my sewing room and working even better than I imagined. I'll share pics of it later, when I get my sewing room done(yes, it is getting another make over!)

And now for the books. I found some more at GW! I just love these two and they are both from 1953. I have never come across a hard cover Little house book before. The illustrations in it are very sweet.
Almost every other page has a sketch drawing.... here are just a few.

And then these next few books I have had for awhile, but I was rearranging and thought I would take some pics while they were off the shelf.... Bird book, early 1900's
South African Travel and Research book, 1858 !

Love the title of this one... Mother Carey's Chickens... sorry for all the sideways pics, normally my computer turns them, but not this time.
The PieMaker, not old 1980, but still sweet.
1928 Human Anatomy book
And one of my favorites, a 1946 sewing book. It has everything from clothes making, to upholstery, to ovens mitts and everything in between. The graphics and pics are really neat too. I tried to take a bunch of pics, but my camera is being fussy again and most of them came out fuzzy.
Here are a few though....

And last but not least.... Remember our caterpillar friend that we were watching? Well, he emerged this afternoon and we were there to watch it.... Here he is just minutes after coming out of his cocoon. He looks kind of wasp like with his wings so little.
Drying out more...

And after a couple of hours, he was ready to be released. Isn't he beautiful?!?!

He needed some coaxing to leave the jar...
His first flight was only about 2 feet onto the grill cover. He stayed there for over an hour as the kids watched him and oohed and aahhed. Finally, when we left him alone, he took flight and is now somewhere out in the yard, joining the dozens of other butterflies that we saw fluttering around the yard today. And I have to tell you what my 8 yr old son said as he was watching the butterfly on the back deck... "they sure grow up way too fast". Yes they do, butterflies and children.... can't keep them little for long enough.
Have a wonderful weekend,



  1. awesome Goodwill finds :) Love the hutch and your books! Thanks for posting a comment on my recent blog entry.. its nice to know you understand my style!

  2. oh that hutch piece is all the cubbies..and love the old books especially little house on the prairie..and that butterfly is beautiful..I wish I saw more like seeing them flit around the yard.;) have a great weekend..;)

  3. "Out of the mouths of babes..." What fun to watch the butterfly emerge. I do this every year with my class. You are finding some great things at GW. I don't have as much luck with Salvation Army. I love the Little House book. I can't wait to see what you've done with the hutch piece.

  4. Love the hutch top, can't wait to see the after shot! And all those old books, oh my! And what a treat to watch the amazing beginning of nature take flight! He's beautiful!:)

  5. Some wonderful old books. I love to use them to decorate with.

  6. Your old books are a treasure.I love the old graphics on the inside and outside. They will look great on your new bookshelf.

  7. Love the butterfly & your son's quote! And, so envious of the Little House book! I never find such great books at GW! Awesome scores!

  8. What a fun thing for the kids to have to do. My kids love butterflies too. Good find on the books. They are in amazing condition. Can't wait to see what you do with the hutch top. -Steph-

  9. I love the books you found! The Little house book is wonderful and the travel book is amazing! Great finds! ♥


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