Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Tuesday's Treasures...

I decided to do a spur of the moment blueberry picking trip with the kids today, but then the thunder storms rolled in. Hoping for the best, and knowing the orchard was over 30 minutes away, we pulled out of the driveway in the pouring rain. Luckily, by the time we got to the place, the sky had cleared and you could see that the storm had already gone through. This made for a perfect day to go picking, there weren't any crowds, the berries were freshly washed, and the temps had dropped a bit.

We discovered that Mason LOVES blueberries and he was eating them as fast as we were picking :) He eventually got full, but I have never seen a toddler eat like that! After we picked two full boxes(22 pounds) we were all ready to go home, but we are headed back in about 3 weeks when the fall raspberry crop will be in, and then again in September for the apples.
Here are our treasure boxes full of sweet Maine blueberries...
And my treasures of squash and zucchini from my garden are making yummy relish that is filling up the shelves.
And two little treasures from Goodwill last week, two old books that I couldn't resist, one is from 1918 and the other 1908.
Have a yummy day,



  1. What a blueberry haul. I hoped to have that many from the berry bushes behind the house...but they're too shady, I think. I'm having better luck with blackberries! I love blueberry picking though. You must have a good spot!

    Great finds at Goodwill. I just got an old edition of Anne of Green Gables...can't read that book too much!

  2. Your baby really loves blueberries! You brought back our trip to Maine a few years ago - and all the blueberry jam for sale in the little shops. I loved Maine. What a gorgeous state.

    Now hand over the books, please :)

    Just kidding.


  3. Those blueberries are so pretty and look yummy.How fun to get the kids involved.The relish looks wonderful.You have been busy.Love your goodwill find!Have a great day,Jen

  4. Wow!! Such old books. That's a neat find. You can read and eat blueberries. :) -Steph-

  5. what will you make with your blueberries..I love them them..;)and your relishes look tasty too..have a great wednesday.:)

  6. Wow, those are nice and yummy looking blueberries:) Mason will certainly get some good nutrients from eating those.
    I love old books too:)


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