Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Wednesday's Works...

After taking my two oldest children to driver's ed this morning, I decided to come home and rearrange the family room a tad, mainly just moving toys to the basement playroom and putting "my" chair(that will a separate post) in a different corner of the room. Of course with those little changes comes a whole lot of work, you all know how that goes... move one thing and ten more have to be moved because of it!!

Besides from the room rearrange, I did manage to paint a quilt rack that I picked up at GW for $7. I normally don't buy quilt racks, but this one was heavy and sturdy and I knew it would work well in the family room.
As you can see, it had those classic country hearts that we all loathe ;) I just dug through my doily stash and found two matching ones and glued them over the hearts. Took care of the problem, easy peasy !
I'm still working on putting my powder jar collection in my sewing room. I know that I have Never shown these on my blog because they have been packed away for 5 years!! I thought it was about time to let them see the daylight again.
And as much as I am in love with white painted furniture right now, I am just as equally hating the process of painting said pieces white!!! With black paint, one or two coats and you are done, NOT so with white paint. Anyway, this is a little cupboard my dad built me about 15 years ago, I took the doors off and it will become a display cupboard in my sewing room.
I had better get back to the family room and finish it up before dinner time.

Have a productive day,



  1. You teased me with the chair post!! lol

  2. I've seen those jars and didn't know what they were called. Learn something new every day, thanks.

  3. I love what you did with the quilt rack! Very creative idea to cover the hearts. I still haven't figured out how to cover some heart cutouts on some wood shelves I have.

    Blessings, Jessica

  4. How I cover those cutout hearts is to take thin wood circles or ovals that can be found at craft stores, and nail them over the cutouts. Then paint/stain over everything like you normally would.


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