Saturday, January 21, 2012

50th Anniversary Red Work Quilt

Remember the red work quilt I was making for my parent's 50th wedding anniversary? I DID actually finish it!! They did get it a few days after their anniversary back in September, but I don't think they minded that it was late.

It consisted of redwork blocks with their birth dates and places, their children's, and their grandchildren's, along with all the states they have lived in. It was many hours of time stitching, but I think the finished product is pretty nice.
This is the center square...
If you look at the red squares below the bird, you will see two set of angel wings and halos, those are for lost babies.

Each person's square had some sort of picture that could be associated with that person. This one happens to be my mom's, a ball of filet crochet thread and a hook.

I think it will be awhile before I tackle another one of these, but maybe someday.

Have a love weekend,



  1. Tiff,
    What a beautiful labor of love. I just can't get over the detailed stitching you've done...all so thoughtful. They must have been over the moon when they unwrapped this treasure. What a lovely daughter you are!

  2. Beautiful, Tiff
    I love rework. And that you
    personalized it especially for your folks, must have made them so happy!

  3. What a wonderful, thoughtful, made with love gift!
    Hugs :)

  4. How lovely,a beautiful personal work of art.
    Unique to your family,and straight from your heart.Bet your mum and dad absolutely love it.xx

  5. That is something to be cherished, a history of sorts, and very beautiful. Very nice!

  6. This is gorgeous. I know it's something your parents will cherish forever.Just curious how long did it take you to make this beautiful quilt?


  7. Absolutely wonderful! I love redwork - so much work!! What a fantastic gift.

  8. Lovely, what wonderful handi work you do with a needle and thread!!! Just lovely!!!

  9. That is an extremely beautiful and very sentimental quilt. It is lovely. I bet your parents were thrilled to recieve it. Good job. -Steph-

  10. Your parents I bet where so happy to receive this..It's beautiful..

  11. What a beautiful quilt. I'm sure your parents really apprecaited your hard work. Take care, Janice


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