Saturday, January 28, 2012

I've Got You Covered

Yes, I'm coming out about my baby blanket hoarding :) I love baby blankets and actually use them all when my babies are babies.
Mason is going to be TWO in less than 2 weeks(can you believe that?!) so I was sorting out his closet and decided it was time to pack the baby blankets away :( The two stacks above contain 63 blankets! The stack on the right is all Gymboree ones(yes, I had a problem there for awhile, but ended a few years back). These don't even include the girl baby blankets stored in the basement. I did keep out about 6 large toddler size blankets for him, so he won't be without. But these are all in a tub now headed for storage in the basement. Mind you, I didn't buy this many with each baby, this is an accumulation of 7 babies, and some of those blankets in there are from my oldest who is 18 years old now(carters blankest last).

I'm not sure what I'm going to do when I no longer need all these, hopefully there is one more baby in our future.

Have a cozy Saturday, we are off to buy a new vacuum,



  1. Suggestion for the blankets..Make dolls for the girls or rabbits for Easter for their baskets or snowmen for them or yourself..Then you can display them and they get used too..You can keep some also..Just a thought..Have a great day..

  2. Hope you are blessed with that baby! That is a lot of

  3. Dearest Tiff,

    I love baby blankets too! Of course, my littles are full grown, so I had to whittle my stash down to just the most special and tuck them away for my future grandbabies.

    I want you to know that I did WW years ago, and now it is just part of my life...I don't even think about it.

    I have kept the weight off and if I gain a little from time to time, I just get a little more serious about tracking my food and the weight comes off. You will do wonderfully and feel terrific in just a short time!

    Yours so very kindredly,
    Honey Hill Farm

  4. Hey Tiff, if you remember who had what blankie give them to that child when they have children to pass on .;)

  5. I've saved the best and one the one's made specifically for each child. The rest were given away. You could make a really neat quilt out of them. -Steph-


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