Wednesday, November 6, 2013

And It All Came Down...

I don't have a crochet project to share with you because I haven't been working on anything this week. I've been busy making a huge banner for a neighbor(for a local event) and rearranging the family room(again).

After I finished up the banner this morning(yay!), I decided it was time for the Fall stuff to come down.  With Thanksgiving being so late this year and since we aren't having anyone over anyway, I thought it was better to get the house cleaned and ready for the Christmas decor.... and my 2nd annual Gingerbread house party that will be on December 8th.  I want to make Christmas curtains for the kitchen and some little fun things for my party.... so sorry to Fall but you have to go!
  And yes, this is how I do it.... take it all down and pile it on the kitchen table and then box it all up to reside in the basement until next year.
I'm now heading outside to clean up the pumpkins and the porch.

Have a great day,



  1. I didn't realize Thanksgiving was late this year, might be why so many others are doing what you are?But, I've got to wait till Black Friday, that's my thing! lol

  2. Bringing out the Christmas cheer at my place too! Janice

  3. I am with you. We have the entire family for Thanksgiving so if I don't have out the Christmas then they will not see it at all. I love Christmas! Dianntha

  4. That is a lot of fall there! Can't wait to start seeing everyone's Christmas things!
    Be blessed,


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