Thursday, November 7, 2013

Oh the Family Room...

For the 2nd time in three days, the family room has been rearranged. If you have been reading here long, you know that is not very shocking.  This room gets rearranged A LOT!!  Why?  you ask. Mainly, because the room is so long and narrow, with a fireplace on one end and windows on the other, plus two doorways... not to mention one very huge sectional sofa.  So this leads to a lot of rearranging to get it just right, where there isn't awkwardness or wasted space. 
And this time of year, you add in one large Christmas tree, the poor family room becomes a moving sea of furniture!!  But don't worry. I think I finally found a good layout for the next couple of months.

Oh, and I forgot to mention, I added a big hutch to the room!...
Ya, it looks really sad at the moment, but over the next few days it will be brought back to life.  I have to fix the trim on the top, fill in some holes, and repaint the whole thing(and the drawers aren't missing, they just aren't in it right now).
  Where did it come from?  I have had it for about 15 years and it is has seen many uses and many coats of paint.  It was originally bought for our dining room and had a matching table. Since then, it has been a tv stand, a lego cupboard, and the top was even turned into a play kitchen(see here). It was actually really cute as a kitchen, but it wasn't being used much anymore and just taking up space in the boys' room. So back it came to be used as a hutch(and one more surface to decorate!).

I cleared out this corner by the fireplace for the Christmas tree. I know the emptiness will bother me until the tree goes up, but I will get over it.
  I'm still working on the room and will take some pictures when it's done and before the Christmas decor goes up.

One last picture of the banner I hand painted this past week.  It's for a fundraising event.

Have a lovely day,



  1. I love your big house Tiff,I would love to come and help you move stuff around.
    Have fun.xx

  2. I love the star cut out for the window, did you make it and is it of wood? Does it have a real name?? I may have to make some!

  3. I'm in the process of doing the same.... making room for the Christmas tree and the various decorations.... Glad to see that someone else is starting the process as early as me! Love the hutch.... I checked out the kitchen you made with it and Wow! it's great! I know it will be beautiful in your room. I, too, love the star cut-out you have in the window. Your home is always full of inspiration!

  4. Hi Tiff, that hutch is so neat, I love it! I am sure it will be great when you have it all done and decorated!
    Be blessed,

  5. Cool hutch ~ what color are you going to paint it???
    Love the star shutters on your windows!
    Have fun ~ looking forward to seeing it all decked out for the holidays!
    Prim Blessings


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