Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Invitations are in the Mail...

The invitations for my Gingerbread House Party went in the mail this morning. I invited 8 friends this time, would have liked to have invited more but I don't have the room.  With keeping with my house diet thing, I decided to totally handmake the invites, the only thing it cost me were the stamps.  Our printer died(and I'm not buying a new one this time of year, too many other expenses) so I had to hand write everything, not the prettiest things, but hey, they get the point across, right?
Here are the fronts...
 The backs had another layer of construction paper where I wrote the details...
 I even made my own envelopes out of construction paper :)
 And the post office had the perfect stamps for the occasion... gingerbread houses!!!
Lots of work to do before the party on December 8th, but I'm looking forward to it!



  1. I sure hope you have my correct address so I get my invite. LOL! Sounds like y'all will have a lot of creative fun.

  2. What fun invitations! Love the stamps too! Take lots of pics of your special party!

  3. Sounds like such fun! Love the invitations and the stamps.... just perfect!! Looking forward to seeing pics and hearing about the party!

  4. Your handmade hand written invites are perfect.I wish with all my heart I could come and join the fun.....but I think the ocean could be a problem. Have fun and set a place for me I can be the invisible guest.xx


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