Friday, May 16, 2014


It's been a wonderful and busy week...

May 13th.... Our new daughter-in-law celebrated her birthday at our house.  I made her a triple layer cake with a brownie center.   She is a very sweet young woman, a bit on the shy side, but I think we all are a bit overwhelming to her.  

They are such a cute couple :)

I also made her a tote bag to take to Hawaii when they get transferred in July... it has handles and a long shoulder strap so she can use it however she wants.

I love how it turned. I used a really stiff interfacing for the first time and it made all the difference.

Then on May 14th, Nathan's Angel day, Becca and I went and got our second holes pierced in our ears...

On May 15th... My sweet and sensitive little boy, Zach, turned 8 years old....

He is the most awesome big brother to Mason, always there for him, and doesn't complain too much about big brothers duties ;)  He is my most emotional child, and takes things truly to heart. He is a kind soul and is growing into a fine young man.  
He loves sleeping with his "stuffies" and got two giant new ones for his birthday, plus a big Lego set.

And I had to add this one of Jenny after her bath yesterday. I trimmed her eye fur so she can see much better now!

Sweet Blessings to you,


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