Monday, May 5, 2014

To Paint or Not?

Spring has been late to arrive this year, and it is only this past weekend that I have even begun to think about what to do with the front porch and back deck.   I know I want it to be clean and simple this year, so I'm trying to stick with that.  We ended up Not having the yardsale this past Saturday. It just wasn't feasible... to much to do before Cameron and his new bride arrive on the 10th.  So we will just shut the garage doors and not let them in there ;)  
As for my front porch... a friend talked me into keeping and using at least one of the wicker sofas.  I moved the outdoor wicker set to the back deck and put the indoor wicker loveseat on the front porch.  I will have to cover the cushions when it rains, but I think it should be OK, since there is a pretty wide overhange to protect it.   My question for you all is, should I paint it?  And if so, what color? Black or white?(I don't want a pop of color, other than from flowers).

I got my ferns this weekend too, I hope they do as well as the one did last year. These are just baby ones, so I hope they grow fast.

What do you think? To paint or not?  The porch is looking a bit naked right now, but I'm working on it.

Have a great day,



  1. Ooh..tough decision, but I think black would be a good choice. I have learned that it is pleasing to have at least three items of the same color, and the black would go well with your door. I think there is enough white on the porch, especially since the cushion on the wicker sofa is white too.

  2. Do NOT paint it! Add color with pillows. :)

  3. I agree with Sheila, *don't* paint just add color with pillows or throws. Then you can change it subtly with the seasons. I think some light Spring green pillows would be sweet and not overwhelming.

  4. I don't think you should paint it either ~ I would add some color with some throw pillows.
    But you do what you want to do ~ I'm sure what ever you decide it will look fine!!!
    Prim Blessings

  5. I vote to paint it, if you want to go with simple, black is it but if you want a pop of color and whimsy, I'd paint it red or aqua blue! I'm daring like that !! LOL

  6. I think your porch is beautiful. My thought would be if you wanted color to add a swag to the top of the door and pillows to the couch and maybe a welcome mat with color in it. Things that you can change. Looks great!!!


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